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Amazing customer service and I felt the team went above and beyond to help get me into my car. Would highly recommend to anyone looking at getting a new car!
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Jag Dhillon was excellent, great service. Great service start to finish. Super easy. The business end was seamless and no surprises. Made our lives easy.
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Awesome very detailed and helpful .good luck in your business. Thanks for your time and input. I had good experience with you and Ford ford.
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Allan was awesome guy got me the best deal on F 150. I recommend him to anyone and the whole team is good people. Thanks guys !
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I bought my Jeep from there. It was the smoothest purchase i ever made. Tom was delightful. He wasn’t pushy as some sales people you might encounter. I’ve had a few sales people I dealt with a few dealership prior to buying my car and I made my decision with Ford because of this experience( I have to mention Hamid at Subaru Dealership at Boundary is also great.). Tom is very informative and helpful. I can’t say enough good things about Tom and how professional him and his management team was. Go with these guys if you want to have a piece of mind.
Pleasant experiance in purchasing my new vehicle.
The total experience of purchasing my new vehicle from Allan was enjoyable. Allan was very informative explaining thing and did not push for a sale allowing me to come to the decision that the car I wanted was the right vehicle for me. Every one else I dealt with at Key West Ford was also very friendly and helpful. All in all it was a pleasant experience and I would definitely do it again when the time comes.
Very pleasant car purchase experience with Peter
Found a car online, called in and scheduled an appointment with Peter. He got the car prepared before we arrived and got us a great deal. Highly recommend!
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great guys. Rob set me up with a great truck, at a good price. when we were finishing, Ian came out and helped get the truck ready with paper work licence plates etc... Wes was a down to earth manager. I was impressed how these guys and everyone else in the sales department worked as a team. my truck was detailed perfectly. I would recommend this dealership to anyone looking for a new or used vehicle. I have certainly found the dealership that I would do business with in the future.
Great crew
Alan was great to deal with quick to get the deal done the whole crew got me in and out in record time with no hassle
Nissan Consumer Reviews
Kirkland Nissan Blogs - Nissan Consumer Reviews
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The Altima isn’t the only fantastic sedan in Nissan’s lineup. If you haven’t yet done so, you should deeply consider the Sentra if you’re in the market for a new car. It has standout fuel efficiency and incredible safety features. YouTuber poisedonis has a glowing verdict on the automobile below.

The Sentra gets a lot from its 1.8L four-cylinder engine. There are a capable 130 horses and 128-lb.-ft. of torque to play with, but the fuel economy is what’s truly sensational. The 2013 SV model receives 30 MPG within the Seattle city limits and a whopping 39 on the highway. And because it comes stocked with a continuously variable transmission (CVT), you won’t feel any raggedness or jerkiness when shifting. Everything is composed, measured, and refined.

Nissan honed in on safety with the 2013 Sentra SV. This becomes apparent when you consider the immensely positive verdict from the IIHS. The highest score possible was achieved in each of the “Moderate Overlap Front,” “Head Restraints & Seats,” “Roof Strength”, and “Side” tests. These results shouldn’t be too surprising when you consider the plethora of 
airbags provided (front, rear, and curtain) and included technologies such as electronic brake-force distribution, however. Plus, traction control works to keep a firm grip on the road at all times, even in slick conditions.

Ring us at Kirkland Nissan today to learn more about the Sentra SV!
Don’t settle for average. Seek superlative sedan value today with the 2017 Nissan Altima 3.5 SL! As “Chicago News” details in their review below, it’s a spirited vehicle that places a premium on performance and grand in-cabin features.

Hang on, Seattle! The Altima 3.5 SL is a serious customer that doesn’t mess around on the roads. Its 3.5L V6 motor is supercharged with 270 horses and 251-lb.-ft. of torque. The included continuously variable transmission (CVT) doesn’t have a fixed number of gears, meaning that shifting is so smooth it’s effectively imperceptible. “Pinch at the pump” isn’t an issue, either. Fuel efficiency is superb at 22 city / 32 highway MPG.

The Altima 3.5 SL is generously equipped, too. Heated leather seats and side mirrors thwart the effects of frigid temperatures. Dual-zone automatic air conditioning enables additional climate control, allowing both driver and passenger to cool or warm their respective side of the car as they please. An included navigation system lets you use GPS without relying on your comparatively tiny smartphone screen. And when you do arrive at your destination, park assist eases you effortlessly into a parallel spot.

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Performance and safety are cornerstones of the approach Nissan took with the 2017 Altima 2.5 sedan. As “Camerons Car Reviews” covers in their consumer test below, it’s a vehicle that absolutely makes the grade.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has long been a body that consumers can turn to for reliable vehicle information, and the organization has come away deeply impressed by what the 2017 Altima offers. The car has nabbed the highest score of “Good” in six tests, including Roof Strength, Head Restraints & Seats, Driver-side, Passenger-side, Side, and Moderate Overlap Front. The results are possible thanks to new available features that include forward collision warning and adaptive cruise control. These technologies alert you to autos driving ahead that draw too close, with the latter working on your behalf to automatically adjust your speed and correct for such encroachment.
The 2017 Altima has serious under-the-hood credentials, as well. It comes standard with a highly capable 2.5L four-cylinder engine. It produces 179 horses at 6,000 revolutions per minute (RPM) and 177-lb.-ft. of torque at 4,000 RPM. The Xtronic continuously variable transmission offers a smooth ride, and mileage is fantastic at 27 city / 39 highway on average.

Visit us at Kirkland Nissan in Seattle today to test drive an Altima!
Smart styling blends with innovative infotainment in the 2014 Juke SV - making this crossover a perfect option for Seattle urbanites.

Make: Nissan
Model: Juke SV
Year: 2014


Engine: 1.6L Four-Cylinder.

Transmission: XTronic CVT.

Drivetrain: Front-Wheel and All-Wheel Drivetrains Available.

Horsepower: 188 HP.

Torque: 177 lb.-ft.


Payload Capacity: 995 pounds.


City MPG: EPA-Estimated 27 MPGs.
Highway MPG: EPA-Estimated 32 MPGs.


The 2014 Juke SV features a 17-inch split-spoke aluminum wheels, a one-touch sliding moonroof, dual power side-view mirrors, and black-capped accents.


The 2014 Juke SV offers split-folding premium cloth seats, automatic temperature controls, a hands-free Bluetooth phone system, and an optional five-inch touchscreen.


The 2014 Juke SV boasts Vehicle Dynamic Control technology, three-point ALR/ELR seatbelts with pretensioners, roof-mounted side-curtain airbags, and hood buckling creases.

Get a sneak-peek at the 2014 Juke SV by visiting our dealership today!
Treat yourself with the 2018 Nissan Murano Platinum! It’s a crossover that offers an amazingly expansive list of luxuries and conveniences, and if you’re on the fence about which mid-size SUV to choose this year, it’s bound to win you over. YouTube channel “TeknoMob” has all the details below.

The Murano is ready and raring to go. It’s a function of the incredible 3.5L V6 engine that’s packed under the hood; this motor generates 260 HP at 6,000 revolutions per minute (RPM) as well as 240-lb.-ft. of torque at 4,400 RPM. Don’t worry if you’re taking a long journey outside of Seattle, Renton, and Bellevue, either. The car will receive roughly 28 MPG highway on average.

Dig heated seats? The Murano Platinum has them. It also has a sensational smorgasbord of additional features. Fog lamps increase visibility. Above, an express open/close sliding and tilting glass sunroof lets in an immense amount of natural light. A navigation system takes the guesswork out of driving outside your typical stomping grounds. And park assist automatically guides your Nissan into any parallel spot once you arrive. 

Call Kirkland Nissan now to test drive the 2018 Murano Platinum!
The 2017 Nissan LEAF is unlike any car you’ve previously come across. The all-electric, zero-emissions vehicle is a performance wonder. Moreover, as “GEARshift Tv” reveals in their consumer review below, the SL model is stocked with comfort and convenience.

The heart of the 2017 LEAF SL is a 30 kWh, 360-volt lithium-ion battery. This offers power to the 80 kW AC synchronous motor, which for its part provides 107 HP and 187-lb.-ft. of torque. After juicing up the car’s 3.6 kW charger via a 220-volt outlet for approximately seven hours, the machine will be able to go a full 107 miles before needing an additional boost of energy. That’s plenty of range to get around Seattle, Renton, and Bellevue!

The LEAF SL is also well-outfitted with cabin-based technological inclusions. Dual-zone automatic air conditioning is offered in conjunction with heated seats to provide fantastic climate control. A SIRIUS-enabled AM/FM/HD radio brings enormous entertainment options and helps keep the kids happy. Further, a navigation system is standard, meaning you won’t have to whip out your smartphone to get directions.

Ring us at Kirkland Nissan now to discover more of what the LEAF has to offer!

The Altima receives a lot of Nissan-related headlines, but if you’re searching for another superlative sedan selection, consider the Sentra. YouTube consumer channel “Camerons Car Reviews” takes the 2013 SR model for a full test drive below. They find that it offers prospective buyers great value through an emphasis on conveniences and under-the-hood performance.

This sedan is packed with amenities. On the outside, automatic headlamps are augmented by the inclusion of front fog lights for cutting through “pea soup” conditions on foggy nights. The side mirrors offer heated functionality to keep ice off the glass when the temperature dips low. On the inside, premium cloth trim is an upgrade over the material used on the seats in the base S model. Additionally, a wide LCD display gives at-a-glance vehicle information. You'll be able to monitor your current MPG, traveling direction, cabin climate, and more.

The motor on this Sentra is a strong performer, too. It’s a 1.8L four-cylinder offering 130 HP and 128-lb.-ft. of torque. The benefits really add up when you consider the transmission and efficiency, however. The CVT provides smooth gear transitions that outmatch what a conventional automatic provides. Also, you’ll receive a healthy 30 city / 39 highway MPG rating.

Call us today at Kirkland Nissan in Seattle to hear more about the 2013 Sentra SR!
On this Christmas Eve, maybe you’ve got a fresh New Year’s resolution rattling around in your head—putting a shiny vehicle in your garage. If so, “Car Confections” believes you should consider the 2017 Nissan Altima 3.5 SR. It’s a sedan with great performance and superlative safety.

The engine that comes standard on the Altima 3.5 SR will take you everywhere you want to go in a spirited fashion. Acceleration is ample and immediate thanks to the superlative 3.5L V6, which generates 270 horses and 251-lb.-ft. of torque. And you won’t have to make a ton of pit stops as you travel outside of Seattle, Renton, and Bellevue, either. The EPA surmises that it will receive an average of 32 MPG on the highway and 22 in the city.

Safety is well accounted for with the 2017 Altima 3.5 SR, too. The IIHS is mighty pleased with the effort put forth by the Nissan
braintrust. In their tests, the sedan garnered perfect scores in the following categories: Roof Strength, Driver-side, Passenger-side, Head Restraints & Seats, Side, and Moderate Overlap Front. Essentially, no matter where an impact might occur on your vehicle, this car is built to cope with it effectively thanks to a bevy of front/rear head airbags and a strong selection of side-curtain inflatables throughout. You'll be protected even in rollover situations!

Arrange a test drive of the Altima with us today!

We wanted to highlight the Murano for you today, and as it turns out, YouTube consumer reviews channel “Cars and Dogs” already showed the 2018 S model some love in their video walkthrough below. They come away highly impressed with the crossover, which blends safety and performance into one irresistible package.

First, safety. The 2018 Murano S incorporates a wonderful slate of features designed to keep you and your loved ones secure. Take Intelligent Forward Collision Warning, for example. It watches not only one car ahead, but two, judging speed and distance on the fly. If it senses deceleration from either vehicle, it’ll give an audible alert to let you know you need to slow down to compensate. Additionally, there’s available Automatic Emergency Braking. This works similarly, except it helps prevent a crash by actually stopping your crossover itself, doing the work for you.

The Pathfinder’s engine is an immense performer. The 3.5L V6 motor dazzles and delights with 260 horses at 6,000 revolutions per minute (RPM) as well as 240-lb.-ft. at 4,400 RPM. And although there’s plenty of power, efficiency was a focus of Nissan’s designers, too. You’ll receive a 21 city / 28 highway MPG rating.

Stop by Kirkland Nissan now to take this one for a spin through Seattle!
The Nissan Pathfinder is an automobile that’s worth a second glance. If you’re in the market for a mid-size SUV, it’s hard to go wrong with the 2011 S model. It may be a lower trim, but it has many merits. “Saabkyle04” waxes poetic on its various performance and safety advantages below.

Understandably, you can’t invest in a people hauler like the 2015 Pathfinder S without knowing that it will provide security for your many passengers. Fortunately, this model has your back. It received the highest rating of “Good” across a wide number of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s examinations. This includes the testing categories of “Small Overlap Front,” “Moderate Overlap Front,” “Side,” “Head Restraints & Seats,” and “Roof Strength.” It's not hard to see how they arrived at these conclusions, either—for example, the SUV is stocked with electronic stability control. This technology intelligently senses real-time road conditions and applies selective braking to mitigate wheel slippage.

Performance isn’t lacking, either. The Pathfinder S impresses with a spirited motor designed to take you anywhere you need to go in a hurry, whether that’s inside or outside of Seattle. The 3.5L six-cylinder creates 260 HP and 240-lb.-ft. of torque. And don’t sweat the threat of running out of gas or wasting undue time at the fill-up station. This is an economical crossover, with the EPA suggesting you’ll receive a fantastic 27 highway / 20 city MPG rating.

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