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Total beginner at used car purchase. My salesperson Nik cheerful honest and well-informed found me the ideal car Kia Rio 2016 for a super price. The entire team were entirely supportive and straightforward: management Michael;financing Gurj and Michelle; and customer service,Meghan kept all their promises, and stood by until I drove off .the lot. in great happiness and relief for a first time used car buyer
Shopped & bought my car after test driving 3 cars
Thank you Key West Ford 👍 Quick - efficient and trustworthy dealership looking forward to sharing my experience and will recommend them anyone who may need a new or used car.
Great experience
Jag understood what kind of vehicle I wanted and found a perfect match. I got the SUV I wanted at a better price than I expected. Great service!
Great experience
For a while, I was interested in upgrading my car with a newer one. I spent a lot of time on internet searching for the right car and the right price and I picked 2015 Ford Fiesta Titanium at Key West Ford. On their website I found all details, pictures and specs so I made a call. I talked to Jag in Sales and arranged a test drive. From that moment everything was going smoothly. Kal Bhatti, Sales Manager, did a great job to appraise my car and was very pleasant and pretty straight forward about the price of the car. Nick and Gurj in Business Office took their time to get me the best interest rate possible and monthly payments affordable.It was all done in no time and without any pressure and I felt so comfortable dealing with all of them. I found a couple of minor things to be done on the car and Jag took care of it and it was ready for delivery on next day. The car was clean inside and out, I had a feeling that I bought a brand new car. I shared my experience with many friends and relatives and recommended the Key West Ford as a place to buy a car. Grat job guys!!! Bobby K Richmond
Good and quick
I have liked the staff, they know where they are going, it is easy too to contact them and now I have a great car.
Found just the car I needed
I came to Key West Ford looking for a used vehicle within a strict budget. When my first choice was out of my price range, Jag asked about my needs an preferences and found me a perfect fit for at a better price.
Amber is the best they have, by far
Amber is the only service advisor at Key West I trust. She's a straight shooter and doesn't make things up or make promises she can't keep. I was at my wits' end when dealing with Tony, I was ready to walk away from the dealership entirely, but Amber, with Sue's help, restored some faith in them. They are still slow, and a little too expensive, but since they are local to me, I will stick with them, so long as it's Amber I am dealing with. If she's not there that day, I don't even bother.
Another Great Purchasing Experience
This is my 4th purchase through Keywest Ford. Once again I received excellent sales and service from the team. Thoroughly enjoying a 14 Edge Limited with only 24,900KM! Thank you!
Excellent Customer Service
We just purchased a 2018 F-150 from Robert Antoniak at Key West Ford in New Westminster BC. The truck is awesome. we looked around at all the makes of full-size pickups, new and used, and finally settled on a Ford. From the time we walked into the dealership until we drove the truck home, the service was outstanding. Robert was professional, informed, and patient. He listed, advised, educated and helped us, as new to full-size pickups, to decide what it was we needed and, more important, what we didn't need. He spent more time helping us out then we would have expected, and he has a great sense of humour. I would recommend Robert Antoniak and Key West Ford to anyone looking for a new or used vehicle.
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The statistic proves staggering - with critics staring at a collection of numbers, expressions poleaxed and thoughts perplexed. The 2018 Kicks (which will serve as the successor to the Juke when it arrives in Seattle this fall) secures one sale every 10 minutes in Latin America. This delivered approximately 58,000 total units in 2017; and it should yield a similar number by this year’s final quarter.

Why is this calculation so important to Washington critics? The Kirkland team has the answer: they’re using it as a gauge for the Kicks’ stateside success.

According to Web Wire, the 2018 Kicks has generated massive numbers in Latin America (particularly in Brazil, Argentina, and Chile). This platform averages 6.5 sales every hour - ranking it among the region’s top performers. Drivers have responded to its bold style and peppy powertrain, with demand rising every month.

That demand should follow the Kicks to Washington when it makes it debut later this year. Boasting a 1.6L 16-valve four-cylinder engine, this Juke replacement yields a sprightly 125 HP and 115 lb.-ft of torque. An XTronic transmission provides crisp handling, while electronic stability and traction control anchors the FWD (ensuring nimble handling around every curve). A twist-beam suspension promises all-terrain responses, blending shock absorbers with stabilizer bars; and all-season tires adapt to any road with ease.

The 2018 Kicks delivers premium everyday performance - making it perfect for Seattle commuters and back-trail thrill-seekers alike. To learn more about this crossover contact our team.
Slow speeds define your day - with each press of the pedal yielding a pitiable mewl from an engine, a sluggish puff of torque. You spend every commute longing for an open road and a fast car; but destiny, it seems, doesn’t favor you.

Nissan, however, does - which is why it’s bringing the 400z to Seattle.

According to Motor Authority, Nissan is revving up its production lines. Soon it will start assembling the 400z (a successor to the 370z) and across Seattle critics are rejoicing. Early specs for this platform promise extraordinary power, with a 3.0L twin-turbocharged V6 engine anticipated. A rear-wheel-drive will offer superior traction, utilizing a dynamic digital suspension to assess terrains and adjust performance ratios as needed; while an electric-assisted steering column will provide nimble responses, enabling riders to quickly adapt to changing conditions through integrated cruise control sensors. When these technologies combine, they should yield class-leading power - with 400 HP and 350 lb.-ft of torque expected on the base model.

Craving further power? Nissan will also offer a NISMO version of the 400z - which should deliver 475 HP and 451 lb.-ft of torque. This upgrade comes courtesy of the intuitive AWD and sport-tuned V6.

No official release date has been provided for the 400z. We expect, however, to see this platform revving down the Seattle streets soon.

To learn more contact us today!
Cold days, long nights - winter cares nothing for the seasonal change. It still looms above Seattle, turning the roads slick with its final bursts of rain; and drivers tuck themselves inside their homes, not wanting to brave the chilly onslaught.

Allow Nissan to provide some much-needed relief. The 2018 Titan has arrived… and it’s brought the Convenience Package with it!

According to the Times Free Press, the new Titan proves perfect for defying the winter - with its Convenience Package boasting a suite of comfort features. The power-folding seats now offer leather trims, greeting passengers with supple support. Multi-level heating technologies anchor the cushions to provide optimum temperatures, while integrated memory functions ease every bone-deep ache (press a button to achieve a custom alignment, with each rider able to control the height, angle, and depth of their respective chairs). A remote engine start function is also included. Push the fob to activate the dual-zone automatic climate controls, staving off the cabin chill.

To further bolster comfort, the Convenience Package also offers a power tilting/telescoping steering column. This enables drivers to better define their experiences, ensuring that the wheel is perfectly positioned for their specific needs. Integrated heating functions are also provided to optimize each mile.

The Convenience Package is currently available for the SV, SL, and Pro-4X trims. To learn more about this Titan option contact us today!
Convenience has come to the half-ton market - with Nissan bolstering its 2018 Titan with an exclusive Utility Package. This collection of fascia upgrades ensures seamless off-road experiences, enabling drivers to conquer both terrains and traffic with ease.

According to the Times Free Press, the 2018 Titan delivers superior driver support. Anchored by the Utility Package (which is currently priced at $1,445), this V6 now embraces ease. Front and rear sonar systems flank the bumpers, utilizing real-time radar scanners to assess the surrounding environment (these stream high-definition visuals into the central LCD console and allow riders to note potential obstacles. Gauge distance, lane alignment, and more with a quick glance). LED lighting frames the tailgate and rail-bed, providing much-needed illumination at night; while a 120-volt outlet sits in the fully-boxed frame, ensuring quick tool connectivity. To ensure further convenience, the side-view mirrors feature power adjustment technology and counter blind spots through easy positioning.

The 2018 Titan promises class-leading capability - yielding up to 9,740 pounds of conventional towing. To ensure that every payload is perfectly distributed, Nissan has fused the Utility Package with an available Class IV receiver. This pairs a 7-pin design with a seamless wiring harness, allowing drivers to smoothly connect to the hitch and stabilize their trailers.

Adapt to every demand with ease - relying on the Utility Package and its advanced fascia options. To learn more about this Nissan add-on contact our team today!
High prices loom across the mid-size market - with every pick-up burdened with hefty MSRPs and meager discount options. Seattle drivers stumble from platform to platform, trying to find one that won’t shatter their budgets. Every search ends in failure, though, and their heads hang heavy as they shuffle home.

Nissan thinks it’s time to inject some affordability into the pick-up world - which is why it’s fused its 2018 Frontier fleet with the lowest prices in Seattle.

As Torque News explains, the 2018 Frontier (which includes the S, SV, Pro-4X, and Desert Runner trims) ranks as the market’s most affordable option. Boasting an average MSRP of $18,900, it proves far more budget-friendly than its rivals - with Chevrolet demanding $21,195 for the Colorado and Toyota requiring $25,200 for the Tacoma. How does it achieve such a reasonable number? The answer lies in its design.

According to Torque News, the Frontier is intended for everyday demands. Unlike its hulking off-road brethren, this platform yields a streamlined profile (206-inches long, 73-inches wide, 69-inches high) and a peppy FWD. It utilizes a responsive 2.5L four-cylinder engine to adapt to both residential and commercial needs, generating 152 HP and 171 lb.-ft of torque; while its five-speed manual transmission promises sterling control, allowing drivers to take advantage of the nimble 21.6 cu.-ft turn radius. This isn’t a traditional half-ton truck. It’s instead a compact alternative that strips away the costly steel and aluminum.

The 2018 Frontier provides drivers with up to 3,500-pounds of conventional towing - without demanding a high price. That makes it ideal for the budget-wary. To learn more about this platform contact our team today.
One rule defines the crossover market - comfort is a necessity, not an afterthought. These massive platforms have to anticipate and accommodate passenger needs; and a surplus of soft-touch materials must be offered.

Nissan applauds this philosophy - but it also recognizes that Seattle drivers deserve more than mere comfort. Style is instead needed. This is why it seeks to elevate every mile with its 2018 Armada Platinum Reserve, pushing eight-passenger design to new heights.

According to JD Power, the 2018 Platinum Reserve will impress even the most discerning families. Slip into its expansive cabin (209-inches long, 80-inches wide) and discover chic design. Genuine wood trim lines the cabin walls, while black quartz emphasizes the sleek dash. The dual-row captain’s chairs boast two-tone leather materials; and a power moonroof floods the space with light, showcasing the newly revised C-Pillar construction (which creates a larger rear window). Sophisticated color choices - including Almond, Charcoal, and Pearl White - are strikingly contrasted by custom console emblems.

To further delight drivers, the 2018 Platinum Reserve also delivers a bold fascia. This platform sits on 20-inch dark chrome wheels, while burnished metallic trims line the windows, grille, and wheel arches. Shadow-treated roof-rails emphasize the tall profile (76-inches) to create a sporty effect.

With the release of the new Armada, Nissan brings sedan-worthy styling to the crossover market. To learn more about this model contact our team today!
Safety isn’t meant to be bartered - traded for premium packages and extra dollars. Nissan instead believes that every driver deserves comprehensive collision protection on the highway; and, to achieve this, it’s turning once advanced technologies into standardized features for the new Rogue.

According to The Car Connection, the 2018 Rogue (which includes the S, SV, and SL trims) delivers superior safety to Seattle. To bolster this platform’s performance, Nissan has fused it with automatic emergency braking and blind spot monitors - each certain to enhance security and negate collisions.

Automatic Emergency Braking

This utilizes advanced bumper-mounted sensors to detect traffic patterns. The surrounding lanes are monitored in real-time and, should an impediment be detected, an alert will be sent to both the steering column and the ABS system. These functions will then be engaged, delivering an immediate deceleration and enabling drivers to assess conditions with greater ease.

Blind Spot Monitors

Integrated directly into the Rogue’s side-view mirrors, these systems provide wide-angle perspectives - tracking approaching vehicles and lane positions alike. Should an obstacle venture too close, they’ll deliver a series of audible notifications and visual cues to alert the driver.

Through the standardization of these features Nissan brings safety to the Seattle highway. To learn more - or to request a test-drive in the 2018 Rogue - contact our team today.
Down the highway it comes - tires shuffling, suspension buckling. You watch this massive SUV with a cautious eye, half-expecting it to collapse beneath its own weight. There’s nothing graceful in the sputter of an engine; and there’s certainly no speed to find. The entire platform huffs and heaves through every mile… and you give your 2018 Armada SV a grateful pat.

As The Chicago Tribune explains, Nissan embraces high-performance with its new Armada. This model defies its mini-van predecessors - delivering a V8 experience that will thrill. Take a peek beneath the hood of the SV and discover a 5.6L DOHC 32-valve engine. This promises 390 HP (at 5,800 RPM) and 394 lb.-ft of torque (at 4,000 RPM). Variable valve event technology optimizes air intake levels, ensuring that pressure remains steady; while an electronic drive-by throttle bolsters each rev. A seven-speed automatic transmission boasts downshift syncing to enhance every gear; and a low final drive ratio (2.937:1) promotes fluid handling by eliminating clutch strain.

This allows the 2018 Armada SV to slide smoothly down the highway - achieving a 0 to 60 MPH run of 5.9 seconds. Despite its big-bodied frame (it boasts a 121.1-inch wheelbase), it can deftly navigate every mile. Check it out!

Want to test the performance capabilities of the 2018 Armada SV? Visit our dealership today to schedule a test-drive!
With the release of the 2018 Armada Platinum Nissan proves that the old adage is indeed true - bigger is better. This supersized SUV delivers a cavernous interior, effortlessly accommodating passengers and cargo alike. No longer endure the crowded sedan confines. Instead experience class-leading dimensions with every mile.

As The Monitor explains, the 2018 Platinum yields ample space. Its massive frame - which measures 209-inches long, 80-inches wide, and 76-inches high - accommodates up to eight passengers, utilizing a tri-row design to adapt to every demand. Leather seats can be quickly aligned to each rider’s specific needs, offering both split-folding and one-touch reclining technologies (customize the cabin with ease); while 171.1 cu.-ft of volume ensures segment-shattering comfort, greeting families with:

First Row Head Room: 40.9 inches.
First Row Leg Room: 41.9 inches.

Second Row Head Room: 40 inches.
Second Row Leg Room: 39 inches.

Third Row Head Room: 36.4 inches.
Third Row Leg Room: 28.3 inches.

To further impress, the 2018 Armada Platinum also delivers superior storage - with its 48.5-inch cargo box proving ideal for sporting equipment, camping gear, and more. Leave nothing behind, taking advantage of under-mounted bins and overhead consoles to quickly organize items.

Want to take the 2018 Armada for a spin? Visit our dealership today to learn more about this SUV!

A rough road waits before you - with all mile markers gone and no highway sign in the distance. It’s a stretch of forgotten pavement… and you hesitate to follow it, with your fingers clenching against the steering wheel. How can your small coupe possibly conquer this messy terrain?

It can’t - but the 2019 Altima can.

According to Chron, Nissan has created an all-terrain sedan - with its new Altima yielding a smooth ride on even the toughest miles. Monotube shock absorbers anchor the platform, reinforcing the suspension to ensure greater stability. Available 19-inch alloy wheels roll over the pavement with ease, while dual-pinion electric power steering provides controlled responses (all feedback is finely tuned, allowing drivers to more efficiently maneuver). The chassis has been lowered by 1.1-inches to deliver a stronger center of gravity, while integrated ProPilot technology promotes peerless lane navigation through:

Bumper-Mounted Radar Systems.
High-Definition Camera Lenses.
Intuitive Cabin Sensors.

Each of these technologies monitors both the highway and the driver, gauging lane alignment in real-time. Should they sense an unsafe trajectory, they automatically engage the steering column and braking functions to provide steadier speeds. This ensures superior control on unfamiliar roads.

With the release of the 2019 Altima Nissan promises effortless handling. For further information about this sedan contact our dealership today!

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