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Excellent experience
Great customer service. Every single person who was involved in our new car purchase did a top notch job. Super professional and friendly team.Highly recommended this dealership. Allen was helping us to get the best deal possible on our purchase. Thank you again for all the help
Great experience!
I had a very good experience dealing with everyone involved at Key West Ford and would recommend them. They were very professional and made the whole process enjoyable!
Happy customer
My second deal with them.Excellent customer service.Very professional.They took care of everything.Even for finance not a single issue.Thamk you again guys.Enjoying my new ride😉
Above & Beyond
This fellow is one of a kind. In all my life I’ve never had a good experience at a car dealership until I went to Key West Ford. What an amazing group of people. My focus titanium(2017) is the second purchase that I’ve made off Michael both experiences were something to write home about. Whether you’re in the market for a Ford or any other kind of vehicle please do yourself a favour and check out the great people at Key West Ford.
Helped me find the car I want
This is my first car purchase. When I came to here, I didn't have a clear idea on what car I shall buy. Allan showed me around on several probable ways to buy my first car. The next day, he also found another car that suit my current need. As I am new to Canada, there are a lot of differences on law, rules and regulations from the country I was in. Allan provided useful information on all of them and helped me get to a purchase solution that can fit into my short term and long term plan. Now I have used the car for some time and everything seems good :)
2017 F150 supercrew
Great pricing, very helpful. I'm from out of town and was on a tight schedule. Jag and the rest of the folks at key west were sensitive to my time constraints and had my truck ready for delivery with no hiccups.
Exellent experience.
We had a small car budget in mind and after talking it over and trying various model we settled for something newer than expected without breaking the bank. Very happy with my purchase and recommend to anyone looking for a used or new car to start at key West Ford.
Great experience buying my 1st Ford
I knew I wanted an Escape and had been shopping online for a few months. I found the vehicle I wanted and made an appointment for a test drive. It happened to be a Key West Ford. I made the appointment online and Jag reached out to me very quickly to set it up. Jag was very friendly and talkative but certainly not pushy or how you've been trained to think of a used car salesperson. He answered my questions and was generally a nice guy to chat with. I mentioned very early on what I was looking for but that I wasn't going to making a purchase that day. Even though he knew I wasn't buying he still wanted to make sure I knew everything I could about the vehicle I'd driven as well as anything else I might be looking into a vehicle for. I took his card when I left and made darn sure to get in touch with him once I'd made my decision. I got a great deal from Jag and Key West Ford and would recommend you going to talk to him if you're on the fence about a new Ford.
Best experience ever
From the moment I arrived I felt there was something different. All of the staff are amazing, and the best part is the manager agreed to donate to my favourite Charity.
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According to a recent press release, Nissan is planning to expand its innovative ProPILOT Assist semi-autonomous driving system to additional models. The first U.S. Nissan to have the equipment added is the Rogue Sport, beginning in late 2018.
To date, ProPILOT Assist is offered on more than 120,000 vehicles sold around the world with customers taking a fast liking to the technology. Expanding the semi-autonomous driving system to other Nissan models, like the Rogue Sport, is only going to continue to grow. Additional vehicles will adopt the technology, expanding to 20 models and 20 markets within the next four years. This is all part of the automaker's midterm plan, dubbed Nissan M.O.V.E. to 2022.
"ProPILOT Assist is an iconic technology for Nissan Intelligent Mobility, [our] vision of how vehicles are powered, driven and integrated into society," said Philippe Klein, Nissan's Chief Planning Officer. "Its acceptance by consumers has been beyond expectations, and we're pleased to expand its availability to more popular models, such as Altima, X-Trail and Rogue Sport."
This video explains more about how the system works:
ProPILOT Assist is currently offered on the 2018 Leaf and Rogue, which are both available for test driving at Kirkland Nissan in Seattle, Washington. To experience the technology for yourself, visit our dealership today.
Craving a premium experience? The 2018 Rogue Sport will provide one - connecting Seattle drivers to the custom safety and comfort features they deserve. Slip behind the wheel of this Nissan crossover and take advantage of an exclusive OEM package.

As Truck Trend explains, the 2018 Rogue Sport offers drivers the advanced technologies they seek - and all of them are found in the Premium Package. Choose this add-on for just $1,190 and receive a bevy of intuitive features, including:


Plush carpeting is added to the cargo area, helping to more efficiently protect items against bed-liner scratches; while a power moonroof floods the cabin with natural light, allowing users to take advantage of those rare sunny days with the press of a button.


Dual LED headlamps now anchor the front, ensuring superior visibility through their automatic high-beam assists and wide lens angles.


Integrated lane departure warnings monitor vehicle positioning, assessing both alignment and trajectory; while Intelligent Intervention technology automatically engages both the steering wheel and the brakes to ensure smooth speed control (this occurs when an obstacle is sensed and the driver takes too long to respond to the Rogue’s audio alerts).

The Premium package elevates the crossover experience - allowing all passengers to indulge in advanced tech. To learn more about this Rogue Sport option contact us today.
If you love the design, utility and technology attributes of Nissan’s best-selling Rogue, but have an itch for something sportier, smaller and with more urban street cred, the 2018 Nissan Rogue Sport deserves a closer look. This week, Nissan released a mid-year refresh of the crossover and it’s loaded with more standard features than ever before.
Now, drivers enjoy Auto Emergency Braking, Blind Spot Warning and Rear Cross Traffic Alert on all 2018.5 models. The mid-year update also includes standard Intelligent Cruise Control on the SL trim or by purchasing an SV Technology Package. 
The real star of these standard inclusions is Auto Emergency Braking, which is already offered on seven other Nissan models (including the Altima, Leaf, Maxima, Murano, Pathfinder, Rogue and Sentra). With this Nissan Safety Shield technology, drivers are alerted of a potential collision with audible and visual alerts. If a braking response isn’t put into action, the Rogue Sport will intervene and stop the vehicle.
See how it works here:
The 2018 Rogue Sport is available in front-wheel drive or Intelligent All-Wheel Drive in three well-equipped grade levels – S, SV and SL. Power comes from the 2.0-liter DOHC 16-valve inline four-cylinder engine, which produces 141 horsepower. Other mechanical specs include Xtronic transmission with eco-mode and a four-wheel independent suspension. Due to the Rogue Sport’s compact design, it boasts impressive maneuverability and a fun-to-drive experience, making it a well-suited choice for urbanites.
Ready to take one for a spin? Contact Kirkland Nissan in Seattle, Washington for your test drive in the all-new 2018 Rogue Sport crossover.
The road proves fickle - with straightaways yielding to sudden curves and hills rising with no warning. You try to navigate the chaos, pressing sharply against a brake; but your efforts can’t counter the constant changes. Tires spin, the steering column shifts, and you give a sharp shriek as your car skids across the pavement.

This terrible adventure ends with no casualties. Nissan knows, however, that this could easily change - which is why it’s fused the 2018 Rogue Sport with Intelligent Cruise Control technology.

According to Auto Guide, the new Rogue Sport delivers premium responses to Seattle. Anchoring this platform is advanced Intelligent Cruise Control - which promotes precise steering and careful speed regulation. Radar sensors are mounted to the front bumper, offering constant environmental scanning. These functions utilize 3D geo-fencing to assess both the road and current traffic patterns, creating a real-time digital map of each mile. Should they detect an obstacle (such as an approaching curve or a too-close vehicle) they will release a series of signals throughout the chassis.

These signals will spread to intuitive points of control - the steering wheel (which will automatically re-align itself to ensure optimum positioning), the brakes (which will gently engage to limit acceleration), and the central media console (which will emit audible warnings to notify the driver of a possible impediment). Speed will be reduced to ensure a safe experience.

This, Nissan knows, is the value of Intelligent Cruise Control - and it’s why the 2018 Rogue Sport proves such a vital addition to the Seattle streets. Utilize this SUV to counter ever-changing terrains with ease.

To learn more contact us today!
There are roads that defy sedan performance - stretching out in endless waves of tight turns and rocky formations. They promise adventure and danger in equal measure, and conquering them is no easy task.

Nissan believes its 2017 Rogue Sport may sway the odds in your favor.

According to a recent press release, the 2017 Rogue Sport can adapt to every terrain with ease. Raise the hood and discover a powerful 2.0L four-cylinder engine, which delivers 16-valves of class-leading capability. Performance ratios impress, rising to 141 HP and 146 lb.-ft of torque; and twin CVTC (Continuously Variable Timing Control) tubes enhance air intake levels, utilizing direct-injection technology to regulate the redline and distribute traction as needed. An XTronic automatic transmission further bolsters responses, deftly shifting between gear ratios to accommodate changing inclines.

Nissan has also fused the 2017 Sport with automated ease - delivering hill start assistance. This system improves speed control, moderating every engine rev to ensure a smooth ride. It combines power steering with twin-tube shock absorbers to refine responses, allowing this platform to maneuver down even the steepest terrains.

Want to try it for yourself? Visit our dealership today to learn more about the 2017 Rogue Sport and its impressive engine suite - and don’t hesitate to request information about our available financing options as well.

The commute proves long - a series of slow miles and tedious traffic. You spend each day shackled to a dull experience… and you hate it.

Allow Nissan to provide some much-needed relief - injecting dynamic style into every errand with its 2017 Rogue Sport. This crossover serves as a balm for sedan-weary drivers, delivering the bold lines and bright colors they crave.

According to Nissan, the 2017 Rogue Sport embraces its name - offering a fresh all-terrain style. The body (172-inches long, 72-inches wide) boasts strong fenders and a square stance, lending a muscular effect. A chrome grille is flanked by halogen headlamps, while black arches highlight the 16-inch steel wheels. Roof rails showcase the 63-inch profile, and a spoiler anchors the back. It’s complemented by boomerang LED tail-lights that ensure premium illumination, cutting a bright line through Seattle’s fickle fog.

Nissan further enhances the Sport by providing a suite of metallic colors - including Monarch Orange, Nitro Lime, and Brilliant Silver. Each of these defines both the panels and the bumpers, with black accents creating a striking contrast.

The Rogue Sport promises more than off-road thrills (though its 2.0L DOHC inline-four engine will certainly impress). Instead Nissan has bolstered this five-passenger ride with a chic design, pairing every commute with black-capped mirrors and custom roof moldings. To learn more contact our team today.

In the highway race too often do you prove the tortoise - languishing in every lane, watching as sport-tuned sedans and nimble coupes rev past. Slow and steady, you think, doesn’t always ensure a first-place victory. Instead you feel the stress of every second; and your crossover always seems to arrive late to each adventure.

The 2018 Rogue Sport will change this.

According to the Booneville Democrat, Nissan has fused its latest Rogue Sport with superior speeds. A 2.0L four-cylinder waits beneath its hood, generating 141 HP and 147 lb.-ft of torque. A direct ignition system promises seamless starts (utilizing continuously variable valve timing to instantly engage the engine), while an XTronic CVT delivers smooth automatic handling. The front-wheel-drive ensures a balanced ride, blending an independent strut front suspension with electric steering; and an included Sport Mode provides ample power, engaging with the press of a button to activate the DOHC platform.

When these elements combine they allow the 2018 Rogue Sport to achieve class-leading performance:

0 to 60: 9.8 seconds.
Quarter Mile: 17.5 seconds.

No longer experience sluggish speeds on the highway. Instead trust the new Sport’s peppy 16-valve engine to push you past the competition. To learn more about this and other Nissan crossovers contact us today!
With every adventure comes a demand for space - with your family piling inside the tiny confines of a sedan, trying to shuffle boxes and bags out of the way. They battle cargo (and each other) for a few spare inches; and they quickly turn vicious when you slide into the front seat, jealous of the precious legroom you have. The miles are long and nasty.

Nissan suggests seeking a more peaceable journey - by pairing each expedition with its 2018 Rogue Sport SL!

As the Booneville Democrat explains, the 2018 Rogue Sport SL delivers a passenger-friendly experience. Its spacious frame - which measures 172-inches long, 72-inches wide, and 63-inches high - adapts to every need, allowing arms to stretch and toes to curl:

Front Head Room: 39.6 inches.
Front Leg Room: 42.8 inches.
Front Shoulder Room: 56.6 inches.

Rear Head Room: 38.3 inches.
Rear Leg Room: 33.4 inches.
Rear Shoulder Room: 55.7 inches.

Passengers will no longer endure cramped quarters. Instead the new Rogue Sport will allow them to indulge in every mile, with its 104.2-inch wheelbase boasting leather-appointed seating and ample comfort features (such as power lumbar support and six-way manual adjusters).

To further impress, this Nissan crossover also offers a maximum cargo length of 62.3 cu.-ft - effortlessly accommodating luggage, sporting equipment, and other items. Take advantage of split-folding cushions and the Divide-N-Hide system (which enables drivers to evenly distribute payloads in the rear bay, utilizing a series of customizable shelves and container units to maximum storage) for superior convenience.

With the release of the 2018 Rogue Sport SL, Nissan promises a more comfortable off-road experience. To learn more contact us today!

buy a new rogue sport in seattle washingtonIt’s official! Nissan has just announced suggested retail prices for the 2018 Rogue Sport. Coming in at a minimum of $3,000 less than its beefy but best-selling counterpart the Rogue, this vehicle delivers on all the award-winning features of its predecessor —with a few unique traits of its own— while helping you save your hard-earned cash.

Though the amount of storage space in the Rogue Sport is less than its other namesake, it still possesses a class-leading 66 cubic feet— all thanks to a completely folding rear bench and separate compartments beneath the main cargo area. Say goodbye to the woes of moving day! Imbued with Nissan Intelligent Mobility, this SUV has the power to warn you of blind spots, keep you in your lane, or adjust speed when it sees a bump in the road. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

200 pounds lighter and more nimble than the Rogue, this crossover can own the city like no other. With many of the same components under the hood, the Sport has the advantage of tighter tuned suspension, giving you the ability to hop and jump through narrow urban streets with ease and agility.

But don’t take our word for it! Contact Kirkland Nissan today to come see the new 2018 Rogue Sport.
buy a new nissan rogue sport near seattle washingtonIt’s beginning to look like crossovers have overcome the sedan in North America’s vehicle popularity contest. But what’s not to love? Able to safely handle the country and the city alike, these cars are designed to do it all. But imagine a sleek, elegantly designed automobile, able to also sense what you need (before you even know you need it), and you’ve got the 2017 Nissan Rogue Sport.

Sometimes a vehicle’s ability shines through in its appearance; if an automotive company spent a lot of time beautifying your ride, you can expect they put even more thought into everything else. As you’ll see, the Rogue Sport is no exception. With its stylish, sports car inspired design, this crossover not only slips through the air with aerodynamic finesse— but looks pretty incredible while it does it, too.

Automatic emergency braking comes standard on all trim levels and is able to detect both vehicles and pedestrians, intervening when necessary. What’s more, the Rogue Sport’s lane intervention system can pipe up when you’re 
straying out of bounds, and even gently guide you back if need be. Okay, one more cool thing and we’ll stop blabbing: with an available dimming feature, the rearview mirror automatically darkens to avoid nighttime headlight glare.

Want to learn more? Contact Kirkland Nissan today. 
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