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The total experience of purchasing my new vehicle from Allan was enjoyable. Allan was very informative explaining thing and did not push for a sale allowing me to come to the decision that the car I wanted was the right vehicle for me. Every one else I dealt with at Key West Ford was also very friendly and helpful. All in all it was a pleasant experience and I would definitely do it again when the time comes.
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News for New and Used Nissan Titan Trucks
Kirkland Nissan Blogs - Titan Trucks
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It was 2001. Crowds gathered at the North American International Auto Show, seeking the latest in power and performance; critics took hasty pictures with their flip-phones, trying to memorize every spec sheet and concept image; and Nissan dominated the stage with the reveal of its Alpha T. Clad in aluminum alloy, this pick-up glittered beneath the spotlight and stole every accolade.

Don’t remember this moment? The Kirkland team doesn’t blame you. Despite its auspicious Auto Show reveal, the Alpha T never made it to production. Its style - though dynamic - simply didn’t translate to everyday travels, emphasizing sleek lines and sliding bed floors. It was a too-strong concept that couldn't work on the highway.

In 2004, however, drivers were able to experience some of the Alpha’s bold design - with Nissan fusing its fledgling Titan with surprising sophistication. Premium cloth seats offered 8-way power adjusters and lumbar support; while leather trims highlighted the steering wheel, door panels, and parking brake. A gated gearshift anchored the central console, flanked by enlarged radio dials for a sporty effect. All of this paired with a striking exterior, which blended a blistered cargo box with aluminum accents.

The 2004 Titan drew undeniable inspiration from the Alpha T - and a new kind of pick-up experience was formed.

To learn more about the Nissan Titan contact us today.

Days don’t define your calendar. Instead adventures do - with you fusing each season with fun, embracing changing temperatures and fickle weather with a series of activities. Summers are meant for swimming; winters promise snow-bound thrills; and every week in between is a chance to explore Washington.

We suggest that you choose the right companion for these escapes.

According to BizJournals, the 2017 Titan Pro-4X was recently named the Best Extreme Off-Road Truck by the Active Lifestyle Vehicle Awards. This competition - which seeks to identify platforms that deliver the necessary power for sportsmen - pitted Nissan against the likes of Ford, Toyota, and General Motors. Though these half-ton options offered undeniable strength, they could not surpass the all-terrain capabilities of the Endurance V8.

This engine anchors the Titan line-up - and it allows the Pro-4X to achieve a robust 390 HP. A seven-speed automatic transmission pairs with AWD to ensure fluid handling, while Bilstein performance shocks accommodate rough terrains. Integrated hill descent control technology promises superior grippage, utilizing both vented disc brakes and a locking rear differential to navigate every rut in the road; and front tow hooks combine with a Class IV receiver to deliver more than 11,000 pounds of trailering.

This allows the 2017 Titan to accommodate every off-road toy. Seek out fun with ease, Seattle!

To learn more about this and other Nissan trucks contact us today.

Payloads are a common foe. Every day drivers battle them, countering their heavy weights with trailers and vinyl beds. Pick-ups push back against every long-haul demand; but too often do these skirmishes end in a tense draw. There is simply too little power in Seattle to earn a victory.

The 2017 Titan is changing this.

According to The News Wheel, Nissan’s full-size pick-up will soon venture beyond off-road adventures - earning acclaim as America’s Best Commercial Truck. After experiencing rigorous testing at the Long River Ranch (which plays hosts to the Texas Auto Writers Association, a group of journalists who compares the performance capabilities of all major marques), the Titan proved the ultimate blue-collar option. Boasting a trailering capacity of 9,740-pounds and a rugged King Cab configuration, it raced past the competition.

The Kirkland team isn’t surprised. With the release of the 2017 Titan, Nissan provides Seattle with the everyday power it craves - utilizing a 5.6L V8 engine to ensure class-leading responses (390 HP, 394 lb.-ft of torque). The available AWD caters to every road, while Class IV hitch performance offers effortless towing. This platform can quickly adapt to all commercial needs, delivering exceptional payload ratios.

Want to test it out? Visit our dealership today to see why Texas critics named the 2017 Titan as one of the best platforms on the market.

First glances can deceive. With the reveal of Nissan’s third-quarter margins, critics and consumers may share a sense of disbelief - comparing the sales of the 2017 Titan with its competitors (the Ford F-Series, the Toyota Tundra, and the Dodge Ram). The numbers seem strangely underwhelming, lacking in both volume and profits; and disappointment fills the Seattle streets.

Allow us to provide some much-needed relief.

According to Auto News, the 2017 Titan has earned 35,549 total units for the year. While this number does indeed pale in comparison to other brands (particularly the Ford F-150, which has delivered 658,636 total units), it also proves the growing interest in Nissan’s fledgling pick-up. Overall sales have increased a staggering 224 percent - securing the largest year-to-year victory of any major marque.

What does this mean for the Titan? Nissan is already seeking to further expand its success - with Auto News reporting that the company will soon send its V8 powerhouse across the globe, conquering markets in China, Russia, and Australia. It’s creating direct international competition for Ford and Toyota; and it’s developing a strong presence on the sales charts, providing drivers with access to 390 HP, 394 lb.-ft of torque, and a towing capacity of 9,740-pounds.

We anticipate that the Titan will prove unstoppable in the years to come - cultivating fans in North America and beyond.

Want to see why the 2017 Titan delivered such high sales? Visit our dealership today to take this pick-up for a downtown ride.

With a new year comes acclaim. Nissan - after unveiling its striking 2018 Titan Midnight Edition - has just received recognition from the Texas Automotive Writers Association (TAWA), blitzing past Ford, Toyota, and other top contenders to secure the Best Full-Size Truck award.

According to The News Wheel, Nissan now ranks among the nation’s best brands - with its 2018 Midnight Edition dominating the Texas Truck Rodeo. This event (which pits platforms against a challenging 1,632-acre course) seeks to discover the best all-terrain capabilities, measuring power, performance, and speed. Anchored by a Cummins 5.0L V8 turbo diesel, the Titan proved the most adept at conquering rocks and ruts.

We’re not surprised. The 2018 Midnight Edition is an off-road masterpiece. Boasting a graphite iron block, this truck delivers best-in-class strength - generating 310 HP and 555 lb.-ft of torque. An Aisin six-speed automatic transmission offers exclusive Tow/Haul modes, accommodating up to 12,640-pounds of conventional trailering; while the multi-leaf rear suspension adapts to changing roadways for a smooth cabin experience. These features combine with 14-inch vented disc brakes to provide drivers with seamless stoppage during even the slickest conditions.

The 2018 Titan Midnight Edition has been named America’s Best Full-Size Truck - and soon we’ll see this Nissan powerhouse on the Washington backroads.

To learn more contact us today.

The virtues of the crossover market are many - with hatchbacks, SUVs, and mini-vans delivering effortless comfort and ample cargo space. These gentle giants provide Seattle families with the everyday convenience they deserve; and they’re perfect for the highway.

They do not, however, offer all-terrain value - as a recent Car Question comparison proves.

According to Jalopnik, many of the market’s leading crossovers (such as the Ford Expedition, the Mazda CX-5, and the Toyota Sienna) feature body-on-frame constructions - branding them more similar to trucks than conventional sport utility vehicles. Because of this, the Car Question team recently tested these platforms against the 2017 Nissan Titan, wanting to gauge whether they could keep pace on the backroads.

They couldn’t.

Jalopnik reports that every crossover failed to deliver the same performance ratios as the Titan - with Nissan’s 5.0L V8 engine yielding seamless all-terrain power. Boasting 390 HP and 394 lb.-ft of torque, this truck scaled dunes and dirt paths with equal ease. A double-wishbone front suspension paired with available AWD, while the Vehicle Dynamic Control system maximized traction. 18-inch steel wheels rolled over every obstacle; a seven-speed automatic transmission offered crisp handling; and integrated electronic brake-force distribution provided balanced stoppage on even the steepest hills.

Unlike its SUV competitors, the 2017 Nissan Titan secured a flawless victory - showcasing why drivers must depend on half-ton power for their off-road adventures.

To learn more about this platform contact us today.

With every mile comes a plea for power - with you trying to coax bursts of torque from an engine, begging a direct-injection system to deliver much-needed performance. None of your chrome-coated prayers are ever answered, however. Instead your pick-up remains stubbornly weak.

Nissan sympathizes - which is why it recently bolstered its 2017 Titan Pro-4X’s capabilities, ensuring that drivers would no longer have to entice HP ratios.

According to Gotta Be Mobile, Nissan’s latest Pro-4X proves a welcome addition to the half-ton market - connecting drivers to the steady performance they crave. Beneath its sculpted hood is a 5.6L V8 engine. Combining direct-injection power with Variable Valve Event and Lift (VVEL) technology, this powerplant generates 390 HP and 394 lb.-ft of torque. A new 7-speed automatic transmission anchors the chassis, while an available AWD maximizes traction.

When these elements combine, they allow the 2017 Titan to achieve both 9,130-pounds of conventional trailering and 1,620-pounds of payload capabilities - ensuring segment-leading strength on every terrain.

What will most thrill drivers, however, is the Titan’s 4-valve-per-cylinder design. This ensures that the engine delivers seamless performance - maximizing every air intake and providing optimal power distribution. The truck fully utilizes its V8 system and will offer smooth responses with every mile.

Prepare for convenience on the highway, Seattle! To learn more about the 2017 Titan Pro-4X contact us today.

Prepare to embrace the dark side, Seattle - fusing every payload with bold style and sleek performance. The 2018 Titan Midnight Edition will soon arrive.

Something wicked this way comes. According to Motor Trend, Nissan will soon release its 2018 Titan Midnight Edition - delivering a darkly-designed powerhouse that will steal the highway spotlight. 20-inch alloy wheels will now anchor the chassis, boasting a chic five-spoke design. The chrome grille will feature black mesh inserts, while recessed headlamps will frame the wide fenders. Body-colored front and rear bumpers will help to emphasize the aggressive profile, and charcoal-trimmed side-rails will highlight the Crew Cab configuration.

All of this will pair with three new color options - Gun Metallic, Midnight Black, and (for those who crave a contrast to the hood's dark custom badging) White Pearl. 

An official release date for the Midnight Edition has not been provided. Our team expects, however, that Nissan will have this Titan package ready before the year ends - wanting to provide Seattle drivers with an alternative to the less stylish sedans and hatchbacks.

To learn more about this truck (as well as other Titan variants) contact us today!

The morning begins with a defeat. You stare at the sag of a trailer, calculating every payload pound. This haul will surely prove too heavy for your weak-engined pick-up - demanding more torque than it can give and more horsepower than it’s ever had. You aren’t going anywhere… and neither is your cargo.

Nissan recommends seeking a half-ton remedy. Check out the 2017 Titan XD!

As The Chronicle Herald explains, the 2017 Titan XD promises exceptional power. Boasting a 5.6L Endurance V8 engine, this truck accommodates every load - revving to 390 HP and 394 lb.-ft of torque. Speed variable assistance bolsters the steering column, ensuring refined handling on every terrain; while the hydraulic circulating suspension promotes steady responses, effortlessly transitioning from mile to mile. Four-wheel vented disc brakes provides immediate stoppage (even when faced with the heaviest of trailers).

This allows Nissan’s beloved truck to generate an impressive 11,590-pounds of conventional towing. Tame every payload, Seattle, with all-wheel precision.

With the release of the 2017 Titan XD, drivers need no longer compromise their cargo needs. To learn more about this and other Nissan models contact our team today.