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Amazing Service in all departments
I Had the pleasure of buying a used Ford Focus ST from Key West Ford about a month ago after having a bad experience at another dealership. We went to look at the car, Ian came out and greeted us and then left us alone unless we had questions, he wasn't pushy or aggressive which was a nice change. I decided to take the car to my shop to do my own mechanical inspection, car checked out except for a small oil leak, but I decided to pull the trigger since it would be repaired under warranty. This was my first time financing a car but Ian, Gurj and Michael Nokes explained everything in great detail and didn't rush anything. Brought the car home and waited a few days to book it in to get the oil leak repaired. I phoned the Key West service department and was helped by Tony and Sue and made the appointment. Two days later I went to pick up the car and being a mechanic, decided to bring the car back to my shop to check out the repair which was done very well. A week later I phoned the parts department to ask about some accessories and was happy to see that the amazing customer service covers the entire dealership. Michael even phoned me a few days after to ask me how I liked the car, he also answered every question I had after buying the car promptly and thoroughly. This is an amazing dealership with amazing customer service, I would go to Key West Ford even if I wasn't buying a Ford. Thank you Ian, Gurj, Michael, Sue, Tony and everyone else at Key West Ford for taking the stress out of buying a car.
Bought a used vehicle quick and easy!
We walked into dealership and found Jag as we had dealt with him before. We had no intentions of buying a vehicle that day but left very happy with our new Elantra!
Total beginner at used car purchase. My salesperson Nik cheerful honest and well-informed found me the ideal car Kia Rio 2016 for a super price. The entire team were entirely supportive and straightforward: management Michael;financing Gurj and Michelle; and customer service,Meghan kept all their promises, and stood by until I drove off .the lot. in great happiness and relief for a first time used car buyer
Shopped & bought my car after test driving 3 cars
Thank you Key West Ford 👍 Quick - efficient and trustworthy dealership looking forward to sharing my experience and will recommend them anyone who may need a new or used car.
Great experience
Jag understood what kind of vehicle I wanted and found a perfect match. I got the SUV I wanted at a better price than I expected. Great service!
Great experience
For a while, I was interested in upgrading my car with a newer one. I spent a lot of time on internet searching for the right car and the right price and I picked 2015 Ford Fiesta Titanium at Key West Ford. On their website I found all details, pictures and specs so I made a call. I talked to Jag in Sales and arranged a test drive. From that moment everything was going smoothly. Kal Bhatti, Sales Manager, did a great job to appraise my car and was very pleasant and pretty straight forward about the price of the car. Nick and Gurj in Business Office took their time to get me the best interest rate possible and monthly payments affordable.It was all done in no time and without any pressure and I felt so comfortable dealing with all of them. I found a couple of minor things to be done on the car and Jag took care of it and it was ready for delivery on next day. The car was clean inside and out, I had a feeling that I bought a brand new car. I shared my experience with many friends and relatives and recommended the Key West Ford as a place to buy a car. Grat job guys!!! Bobby K Richmond
Good and quick
I have liked the staff, they know where they are going, it is easy too to contact them and now I have a great car.
Found just the car I needed
I came to Key West Ford looking for a used vehicle within a strict budget. When my first choice was out of my price range, Jag asked about my needs an preferences and found me a perfect fit for at a better price.
Amber is the best they have, by far
Amber is the only service advisor at Key West I trust. She's a straight shooter and doesn't make things up or make promises she can't keep. I was at my wits' end when dealing with Tony, I was ready to walk away from the dealership entirely, but Amber, with Sue's help, restored some faith in them. They are still slow, and a little too expensive, but since they are local to me, I will stick with them, so long as it's Amber I am dealing with. If she's not there that day, I don't even bother.
News for New and Used Nissan Titan Trucks
Kirkland Nissan Blogs - Titan Trucks
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The expectations were low - with critics anticipating no surprises for the November sales charts. The pick-up market, they assumed, would follow its familiar pattern, with the only notable numbers coming from the Ford F-Series. All other competitors would fail.

We imagine there was quite a bit of bafflement when Nissan revealed its third-quarter Titan results.

According to, the Titan defied all predictions - earning an impressive 7,679 total units for November. This represents a massive year-to-year increase (with only 3,329 units generated in 2016) and it allows Nissan’s half-ton platform to rise in its overall chart results. Thanks to a 130.7% growth, it’s finally managed to enter the market’s Top Ten, charging past the Honda Ridgeline to sit securely at the ninth position.

What does this mean for Nissan? For years critics have doubted the viability of the Titan - but it’s the only truck to generate such high profit increases in 2017. Consumers are slowly, but steadily, seeking out its 5.6L V6 engine and seven-speed automatic transmission; and their reliance on class-exclusive technologies (such as Tow/Haul drive-modes and Moving Object Detection sensors) has ensured success for the future.

Are you impressed by the Titan’s tremendous growth? Share your thoughts with our team today!

It’s a series of complications. You lean over the bed of your pick-up - fumbling with cargo straps, trying to maneuver around the too-wide span of a tailgate. The night has come and you scowl, a flashlight clenched between your teeth. It provides meager aid as you work, casting more shadows than illuminations; and you wonder when stowing payloads became such an aggravation.

With the release of its 2017 Titan, Nissan seeks to provide relief. Suffer those frustrating hauls no more, Seattle!

According to a recent press release, Nissan has tailored its 2017 Titan for convenience. Recognizing the challenges drivers face when securing their payloads, it’s created a collection of cargo technologies - each meant to streamline storage and improve performance.

Protection: Nissan delivers a rugged spray-on bedliner to reduce the chance of scratches, dents, and corrosion. This vinyl coating provides a sturdy layer across the entire cargo bay.

Illumination: Struggle no more with nighttime hauls. The 2017 Titan boasts flush-mounted bed-rail lighting, utilizing long-lasting LED bulbs to improve visibility. Integrated cargo and tailgate lamps offer further support.

Power: Embedded in the bed is a 110-volt port, capable of accommodating everyday tools. This ensures that drivers can quickly accomplish any task, providing them with seamless charging.

Ease: A damped tailgate anchors the rear, yielding smooth lifting and lowering. This creates a more secure lock and helps to keep all cargo tucked safely in the bay.

The 2017 Titan is engineered for those who demand perfection with every mile. To learn more about this pick-up contact us today.
The Force is strong with this one.

As Seattle theater-goers prepare themselves the arrival of The Last Jedi - the latest epic in the Skywalker saga - Nissan is embracing its dark side, fusing its beloved Titan with an Imperial-inspired design. This celebration of stormtroopers and M6 Walkers will delight every Star Wars fan… and bring an intergalactic sensibility to the highway.

As Motor Trend explains, the 2018 Titan is no longer a mere pick-up. It’s instead a space-worthy powerhouse. Anchored by 5.6L Endurance V8, the truck can yield an estimated 390 HP and 401 lb.-ft of torque. Its seven-speed automatic transmission promises deft responses, while the RWD delivers maximum traction. This Nissan platform can rev past any obstacle, making it ideal for the Washington backroads… or a sudden blitz through the Kessel Run.

What truly makes this a remarkable truck, however, is the Star Wars design. Custom molds for the battery boxes and circuit panels deliver a sci-fi shape, while aluminum paneling offers Imperial coloring and badges. Mounted within the grille are Walker-style exhaust cannons; and atop the body sits a camper that bears a striking resemblance to an M6. These elements combine for a cinematic experience.

Want to learn more? Contact our team today for further details about the 2018 Titan and its Star Wars upgrade - and don’t forget to see The Last Jedi when it premieres on December 14th!

It’s a constant battle - with Mother Nature crashing against your pick-up, trying to push it back with every mile. She drags her long fingers across the fenders, blows gusts of air along the grille; and you find yourself losing speed and fuel in equal measure. Your square-bodied platform was simply not made to counter the wind.

Nissan wishes to change this. Prepare for the aerodynamic 2017 Titan!

Nissan recognizes the challenges its customers face - with wind, rain, and friction undermining every press of the pedal. To counter this it’s fused the 2017 Titan with a series of upgraded fascia features, ensuring more precise performance:

Dual Spoilers - these anchor the front and rear, helping to disperse air and improve speed.

Active Grille Shutters - this technology combats drag, automatically closing the grille openings to reduce overall air intake.

Underbody Covers - these shield the Titan against the elements, promoting a more efficient ride.

Exterior Design - the elongated body (139.8-inches) offers smoother responses, pairing rounded fenders with rear tire wind deflectors.

When these features combine, they allow Nissan’s signature pick-up to rev through every challenge - promising a performance ratio enhancement of 10%. This enables drivers to achieve class-leading power with every mile. Mother Nature has met her match.

To learn more about the 2017 Titan contact our team today!

Innovation deserves adulation - with critics tossing virtual flowers, sending their praises across every social feed. After all, perfection proves all too elusive in the automotive world; and, when it’s (finally) found, it must be celebrated.

The Kirkland team isn’t surprised, therefore, to see the 2017 Titan’s trophy case stuffed with awards. The shelves are sagging with acclaim.

According to Nissan, the 2017 Titan fleet (which includes the S, SL, SV, Pro-4X, and Platinum Reserve) has blitzed past the competition - earning recognition from the industry’s top critics. Among its most recent awards are:

2017 Pick-Up Of The Year - Truck Trend.
Full-Size Truck Of The Year - The Texas Auto Writers Association.
Commercial Vehicle Of The Year - The Texas Auto Writers Association.
Best Pick-Up Truck - MotorWeek.
Extreme Off-Road Champion -  The Active Lifestyle Vehicle Awards.

No other platform has secured such high acclaim for 2017, with the Titan dominating every event; and these awards prove well-deserved. Anchored by a 5.6L Endurance V8, this Nissan platform yields up to 390 HP. Available four-wheel-drive ensures nimble all-terrain handling, while an electronic rear differential offers stable responses. 20-inch aluminum-alloy wheels glide through every mile; and exclusive Tow/Haul technology accommodates up to 9,740 pounds of conventional trailering.

The 2017 Titan reigns as the year’s best half-ton option. To learn more contact us today!

The pick-up experience is no longer limited to payload capacities. Instead drivers are seeking to connect with both the open road and the virtual world - with their platforms serving as roaming hotspots. Seamless interfacing proves a necessity, not a luxury.

Nissan understands - and this is why it’s re-envisioned the Titan for a new generation of consumers.

With the release of the 2017 Titan, Nissan is propelling the pick-up market - delivering premium infotainment and endless virtuality. A 7.0-inch touchscreen anchors the Connect console, which promises voice-activated interfacing and wireless Bluetooth links. Siri Eyes Free technology enables instant smartphone syncing, while SiriusXM satellite provides custom audio options. A Rockford Fosgate sound system shakes the cabin with every bassline; and dual 12-volt outlets offer ample ways to charge devices and upload external content.

To ensure comprehensive digital options, the Titan also boasts the Mobile Apps suite. This allows drivers to create a collection of their favorite outlets (such as Facebook, Pandora, and Yelp). Fill the screen with the social streams that matter most and access them with the press of a button.

The 2017 Titan proves ready for every online demand. To learn more about this pick-up contact our team today.

The process proves grueling. You creep along a driveway - inching a trailer ever-slowly toward a hitch, trying to keep the precious cargo from tumbling with each sudden stop. You move forward, reverse, and then repeat each step; and, with every attempt, your frustration grows. Why is it so difficult to make a pick-up connection?

Nissan suggests that you take a moment to breathe deeply… and then allow the 2017 Titan to do the rest.

According to a recent press release, the 2017 Titan delivers superior support. It allows for Class IV connections, with its powertrain fused with advanced mobility programs - each meant to streamline reversals and eliminate anxiety. Integrated Trailer Sway Control provides stability, while Downhill Speed Assistance counters steep driveway inclines. Inside the cabin sits the Around View Monitor, which pairs gridline route planning with 180-degree front, rear, and side perspectives. This ensures that every hook-up is seamless, with the system guiding drivers to their receivers; while Moving Object Detection technology warns of any approaching obstacles (such as pedestrians or other vehicles).

To further improve the trailering experience, the 2017 Titan also boasts a seven-speed transmission - which features Tow/Haul capabilities. This provides a smooth experience, with all gears tuned to heavy payloads and steady accelerations. Drivers can easily hitch their trailers, accommodating over 9,000 cargo pounds.

Want to see the new Titan in action? Come to our dealership to request a test-drive!

A total eclipse is coming to Seattle - with Nissan revealing its 2018 Midnight Edition fleet. Soon the highways will deliver shadows and smoke, with these vehicles fully embracing their dark sides.

Nissan has just unveiled its 2018 Midnight Edition line-up. While this design package - which delivers a black V-Motion grille, glossy aluminum wheels, and custom badging - was originally intended for Murano fans, all of Seattle will soon celebrate its expansion. Prepare for a wide array of darkly designed platforms, including:

The 2018 Altima - suggested pricing: $1,095.
The 2018 Maxima - suggested pricing: $1,195.
The 2018 Pathfinder - suggested pricing: $1,395.
The 2018 Rogue - suggested pricing: $1,095.
The 2018 Sentra - suggested pricing: $495.
The 2018 Frontier - suggested pricing: $995.
The 2018 Titan - suggested pricing: TBA.

Nissan is expanding its Midnight Edition styling - and the Kirkland team will confess that the Titan’s new look has us most intrigued. This truck will receive a full fascia upgrade, with black fog lights flanking its chrome grille and side-rails emphasizing the body-colored mirrors and tinted glass. Charcoal fender louvers and custom panel inserts will impress. We can’t wait.

To learn more about Nissan’s Midnight line-up (including the release of the 2018 Titan) contact us today.

In the wake of Hurricane Irma Floridians found themselves faced with devastation. The Key West Islands - once so pristine - had been battered beyond recognition, with their palm trees ripped from the roots and their coral reefs shattered. The white sand beaches were all stained with the remnants of a storm.

Nissan wishes to change this - which is why it’s sending the 2017 Titan down south, wanting to provide aid to those in need.

A recent Nissan press release explains that the Titan is journeying to Florida. There the pick-up will join forces with Hilary Hutcheson (champion Fly Fishermen and TV personality), who’s spearheading a program to remove debris from the Key West. The two will work in tandem to haul away branches, shingles, and other materials that have washed onto the beaches. They’ll bring together hundreds of volunteers to remove the remaining layers of Hurricane Irma, trying to (once again) reveal the sand beneath.

This will prove an easy task for the 2017 Titan. Boasting a bed length of up to 92.7-inches, this truck can accommodate every beachcomb payload - delivering up to 1,951-pounds of cargo hauling and 9,740-pounds of trailering. It will allow Hutcheson and her team to quickly remove all debris, expediting efforts to restore the Keys.

To learn more about how the 2017 Titan is helping Florida residents contact us today.

Numbers never lie. As Nissan revs toward the final quarter, it leaves behind a series of profits - with the 2017 Titan earning more than 4,440 total units in October alone. This represents a year-to-year increase of almost 200%, with consumer interest achieving a record high in Seattle and beyond.

It comes as no surprise, therefore, that Nissan wishes to extend this success toward international waters. The 2017 Titan is heading to China.

As Pickup explains, the Titan will soon make its overseas debut. Nissan is packing up its 5.0L Endurance V8 engine and seven-speed automatic transmission, hoping to cut a wide swath through China’s growing market. It’s not the only automotive maker to attempt this. Both Ford and Chevrolet have set their sights on a new demographic, and both have achieved measurable success.

Nissan’’s gamble has surprised many critics, however. The 2017 Titan - though generating the largest year-to-year margin of any pick-up - is still considered a niche platform in the United States. It doesn’t boast the brand recognition of the F-Series or the Colorado. The Kirkland team knows, however, that this truck is primed for consumers, offering class-leading towing (up to 12,650 pounds) and superior payloads (2,918 pounds). It will impress in China… and continue to gain momentum in Seattle.

To learn more about the Titan contact us today!