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amazing team
this guys in keywest ford knows how to go above and beyond in terms of customer satisfaction. we purchased a vehicle last week and all within 3 hours everything was done. the guys are really time efficient. robert was there all theway from the start to explain everything we need to know about the vehicle. he was very friendly. michelle was the best in getting us approved for the loan as well as finding the best rates for us. you will just notice the entire office staff working closely in a very happy environment.
Horrible and rude managers
Recently had some service work done on my 2016 Ford Taurus (wheel bearing + oil change) No complaints for the service work as it was done quickly but very bad experience regarding a damaged tire caused by the dealer which they denied to take responsibility for. (Inside of the tire sliced caused by hoist floor arm) I spoke with Sue and Tony both who were very rude to me regarding this concern. Exact words from Tony himself ***(we don't take responsibility for any tire issues). I told him I will see you in person with my dad and speak with you about this issue and his response (well you can come down if you like with your dad, uncle or whoever but I don't want to see you,) completely unacceptable responses especially being managers. I was not notified of the tire damage and they did not phone me to ask if i wanted the tire replaced especially being on the sidewall which is a major safety hazard only notes in the inspection report stating small cut in left front tire. I told Tony i shouldve been notified of the damaged tire and asked what if the tire blew on the highway causing a major accident? and he just brushed it off like it wasn't a big deal and laughed it off. My vehicle had a previous accident but is still under ford factory warranty because of the previous accident Tony and Sue both threatned me if I proceed any further regarding this tire issue they will deny my warranty claim because of my vehicle being in an accident. And i will have to pay the whole amount. Currently made a claim with Ford Canada regarding this matter and hope to get this resolved.
Key West is a Reputable Dealership
I have been dealing with Key West for quite a few years for both purchasing and servicing of my FORD cars. I have always found them to be sincere, helpful and easy to deal with for my purchases and listen to what you are asking for. As far as servicing, they are honest and go the extra to make sure you are happy.
Key West Ford
We went to Key West because they had an excellent selection of pre-owned Ford Flex's in stock. We were coming in from out of town to make the purchase, so arranging to have the vehicle available for test drives, getting some service work done prior to taking possession, and then getting the vehicle to us in Kelowna required some coordination. Overall, there were a lot of moving parts to this deal, but Colton the service rep handled everything smoothly and got us into our new car. We're very happy with our new car and with all aspects of our experience at Key West.
I recently needed a new vehicle and had a wonderful experience last time I bought new vehicle at key west ford so once again I go and visit the wonderful people at key west , and sure enough they go above and beyond to help me into another vehicle. I recommend visit key west ford if looking for a vehicle , I’m a customer for life won’t go anywhere else. Mike P
Key west
Friendly knowledgeable staff. They truly know how to treat people. Robert made me feel welcome and I will recommend Key West to my family and friends
My search for a family SUV
Having worked in the service industry myself for over 15 years I appreciate good customer service when I see it. My experience with the team at Key West Ford was exceptional. From Yashar in the service department to Rob Vanoverschot and Mike Nokes in the sales office the experience was always friendly, professional and most importantly one where I felt my family's needs were of the highest priority. We test drove many SUV's of different makes and models and our final decision was unanimous. The Ford Explorer Sport ticked all the boxes for us and more with the quality of the drive, tech package, moon roof and mid console and captain's seats for the kids. A gorgeous vehicle and one we can't wait to drive and take on many long family road trips! Thank you Key West Ford, you guys are awesome!
Great experience
Jag Dhillon was very willing to work out a deal with us and made us feel comfortable with our decisions. Definitely recommend Jag and Key West Ford.
Thank you for your help
We just purchased a car from Peter Olson and it was great shopping experience with him. Peter was very knowledgeable about cars, and introduced a lot of detailed features to us. During the price negotiation, we didn't feel push, he worked hard to get the best price for us. Highly recommend to buy a car with him.
News for New and Used Nissan Titan Trucks
Kirkland Nissan Blogs - Titan Trucks
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It’s a quest for power. You wander through endless dealerships - searching for a pick-up that can accommodate your ever-changing commercial needs, desperate for an engine that won’t fail. Every day you compare specs and capacities, trying to find the perfect burst of torque; but your attempts proves fruitless, however, and your dissatisfaction grows.

Nissan has a balm for your frustration - the 2017 Titan King Cab!

As CNET explains, the 2017 Titan is primed for performance. Boasting a 5.6L V8 Endurance engine, this half-ton option achieves a class-leading 390 HP and 394 lb.-ft of torque. A 200-amp alternator pairs with a 500 CCA battery to ensure peerless power, while the seven-speed automatic transmission smoothly adapts to every changing mile. The standard RWD proves ready for any challenge; but, for those craving further capability, a switch-operated AWD is available to enhance each response.

These features allow the Titan King Cab to deliver exceptional power - with CNET noting a maximum towing capacity of 9,420 pounds and payload ratios of 1,640 pounds. The 6.5-foot bed caters to all cargo needs, while available technology (including trailer sway control and a Class IV hitch receiver) improves hauling.

The 2017 Titan King Cab enables drivers to take control of every mile - and every load. To learn more about this pick-up contact our team today!

The weather outside is frightful - and so is the traffic. Every day you endure the endless series of grinding gears and blaring horns, the radio static and occasional curses shouted from passing drivers. The noise proves both constant and overwhelming; and you dread every mile.

Nissan believes that some peace and quiet is called for - and it recommends its 2017 Titan to every Seattle driver.

As a recent press release explains, the 2017 Titan boasts advanced noise-cancellation capabilities. Laminated side glass helps to reduce ambient waves, eliminating both distortions and echoes; while comprehensive body seals are used throughout the front and rear, ensuring that stray sounds can’t penetrate the cabin. Insulation defines the dashboard, with layers hidden underneath to lessen the traffic din; and, to further impress, the 5.6L V8 engine has also been isolated beneath the hood - greatly decreasing overall vibrations and softening every rev.

Through these technologies, the 2017 Titan improves every highway experience: allowing drivers to focus on the ride, not the buzzing background noise. Indulge in silence with each mile.

Want to test the Titan’s new design? Visit our dealership today for further specs, financing information, and more.

Static defines the miles. From an ancient speaker system comes muffled sounds and lost stations - with you scowling at a radio, fingers clenched against the steering wheel. This isn’t the HI-Fi experience you crave. Instead you’re forced to endure the weakest signals, wincing as the volume crackles in and out. This is simply… unacceptable.

Nissan agrees. With the release of the 2017 Titan, it seeks to enhance every song - introducing drivers to Rockford Fosgate possibilities.

Rockford Fosgate - famed audio specialist - has joined forces with Nissan, creating a custom sound system for the 2017 Titan. Music devotees will now find themselves enveloped in high-definition channels. Twelve speakers line the walls, while an eight-inch subwoofer rests below the floor. These have all been tuned to deliver deeper bass notes and stronger pitches, providing a cabin-shaking experience with every song; while integrated amplifying technology will eliminate distortions. An LCD color display will offer access to content information (including album titles and artist names), and wireless Bluetooth links will ensure voice-activated control.

With a simple command Titan drivers can access their favorite SiriusXM channels or instead sync their devices to the stereo system. This promises endless entertainment options - with the Rockford Fosgate radio pumping out rock, blues, and everything in between.

To test the power of Nissan’s sound machine visit our dealership today!

The miles are long - with you wincing in your seat, struggling to find even the smallest measure of support. Your pick-up was intended for many things, but comfort wasn’t one of them. The vinyl beneath you is harsh, and the cushion has lost its shape. You sigh, knowing that this trip will prove unforgiving to your spine.

Nissan believes you deserve something far better - and this is why it’s sculpted the 2017 Titan’s interior with care. No longer will drivers have to endure poorly designed seating. Instead relief has come to Seattle!

According to a recent press release, the 2017 Titan embraces ease. Within its cabin passengers will find exclusive Zero Gravity seats - which utilize meticulously measured angles to maximize long-term comfort. These front and rear bolsters gently cradle the neck and legs, reducing overall pressure and helping to promote circulation. This allows riders to adapt to those cross-country expeditions; while the leather trims provide supple support.

To further improve the pick-up experience, the Titan also delivers integrated heating and cooling technologies - with the front seats offering optimal passenger temperatures. Adjust each setting as needed to counter Washington’s fickle weather.

Nissan enables drivers to take control of every mile, providing them with the Zero Gravity value they crave. To learn more about this and other Titan technologies contact our team today!

Imperial troops are coming to Seattle - and there’s not an Ewok in sight in battle them. Drivers must instead flee to safer regions of the galaxy, relying on the 2018 Titan to protect them from stray laser blasts.

It’s time to unveil the ProPILOT system! As shown below, this tech suite (available on both the Titan and Rogue) delivers superior support to every driver.

To celebrate the arrival of The Last Jedi (the latest Star Wars epic), Nissan has created a new Titan - blending Walker-style cannons with droid-inspired battery boxes. This truck proves a perfect addition to the Disney galaxy, delivering custom badging, cinematic colors, and more. Seattle drivers may find themselves most impressed, however, by the ProPILOT Assist system.

This semi-autonomous suite allows the 2018 Titan to weave past stormtroopers with ease. Utilizing advanced radar sensors and multi-angle cameras, it constantly monitors road conditions - identifying potential threats and instantly modifying both speed and lane positions as needed. Through this, drivers remain perfectly aligned on the highway.

To further bolster the ProPILOT system, Nissan also fuses the 2018 Titan with automatic emergency braking, pedestrian detection technology, and rear cross-traffic alerts. These functions work in tandem to ensure safe experiences - allowing drivers to quickly respond to changing environments. Travel from Hoth to Tatooine with full confidence.

With the launch of the 2018 Titan Nissan promises universal security. To learn more about this pick-up contact our team today.

The expectations were low - with critics anticipating no surprises for the November sales charts. The pick-up market, they assumed, would follow its familiar pattern, with the only notable numbers coming from the Ford F-Series. All other competitors would fail.

We imagine there was quite a bit of bafflement when Nissan revealed its third-quarter Titan results.

According to, the Titan defied all predictions - earning an impressive 7,679 total units for November. This represents a massive year-to-year increase (with only 3,329 units generated in 2016) and it allows Nissan’s half-ton platform to rise in its overall chart results. Thanks to a 130.7% growth, it’s finally managed to enter the market’s Top Ten, charging past the Honda Ridgeline to sit securely at the ninth position.

What does this mean for Nissan? For years critics have doubted the viability of the Titan - but it’s the only truck to generate such high profit increases in 2017. Consumers are slowly, but steadily, seeking out its 5.6L V6 engine and seven-speed automatic transmission; and their reliance on class-exclusive technologies (such as Tow/Haul drive-modes and Moving Object Detection sensors) has ensured success for the future.

Are you impressed by the Titan’s tremendous growth? Share your thoughts with our team today!

It’s a series of complications. You lean over the bed of your pick-up - fumbling with cargo straps, trying to maneuver around the too-wide span of a tailgate. The night has come and you scowl, a flashlight clenched between your teeth. It provides meager aid as you work, casting more shadows than illuminations; and you wonder when stowing payloads became such an aggravation.

With the release of its 2017 Titan, Nissan seeks to provide relief. Suffer those frustrating hauls no more, Seattle!

According to a recent press release, Nissan has tailored its 2017 Titan for convenience. Recognizing the challenges drivers face when securing their payloads, it’s created a collection of cargo technologies - each meant to streamline storage and improve performance.

Protection: Nissan delivers a rugged spray-on bedliner to reduce the chance of scratches, dents, and corrosion. This vinyl coating provides a sturdy layer across the entire cargo bay.

Illumination: Struggle no more with nighttime hauls. The 2017 Titan boasts flush-mounted bed-rail lighting, utilizing long-lasting LED bulbs to improve visibility. Integrated cargo and tailgate lamps offer further support.

Power: Embedded in the bed is a 110-volt port, capable of accommodating everyday tools. This ensures that drivers can quickly accomplish any task, providing them with seamless charging.

Ease: A damped tailgate anchors the rear, yielding smooth lifting and lowering. This creates a more secure lock and helps to keep all cargo tucked safely in the bay.

The 2017 Titan is engineered for those who demand perfection with every mile. To learn more about this pick-up contact us today.
The Force is strong with this one.

As Seattle theater-goers prepare themselves the arrival of The Last Jedi - the latest epic in the Skywalker saga - Nissan is embracing its dark side, fusing its beloved Titan with an Imperial-inspired design. This celebration of stormtroopers and M6 Walkers will delight every Star Wars fan… and bring an intergalactic sensibility to the highway.

As Motor Trend explains, the 2018 Titan is no longer a mere pick-up. It’s instead a space-worthy powerhouse. Anchored by 5.6L Endurance V8, the truck can yield an estimated 390 HP and 401 lb.-ft of torque. Its seven-speed automatic transmission promises deft responses, while the RWD delivers maximum traction. This Nissan platform can rev past any obstacle, making it ideal for the Washington backroads… or a sudden blitz through the Kessel Run.

What truly makes this a remarkable truck, however, is the Star Wars design. Custom molds for the battery boxes and circuit panels deliver a sci-fi shape, while aluminum paneling offers Imperial coloring and badges. Mounted within the grille are Walker-style exhaust cannons; and atop the body sits a camper that bears a striking resemblance to an M6. These elements combine for a cinematic experience.

Want to learn more? Contact our team today for further details about the 2018 Titan and its Star Wars upgrade - and don’t forget to see The Last Jedi when it premieres on December 14th!

It’s a constant battle - with Mother Nature crashing against your pick-up, trying to push it back with every mile. She drags her long fingers across the fenders, blows gusts of air along the grille; and you find yourself losing speed and fuel in equal measure. Your square-bodied platform was simply not made to counter the wind.

Nissan wishes to change this. Prepare for the aerodynamic 2017 Titan!

Nissan recognizes the challenges its customers face - with wind, rain, and friction undermining every press of the pedal. To counter this it’s fused the 2017 Titan with a series of upgraded fascia features, ensuring more precise performance:

Dual Spoilers - these anchor the front and rear, helping to disperse air and improve speed.

Active Grille Shutters - this technology combats drag, automatically closing the grille openings to reduce overall air intake.

Underbody Covers - these shield the Titan against the elements, promoting a more efficient ride.

Exterior Design - the elongated body (139.8-inches) offers smoother responses, pairing rounded fenders with rear tire wind deflectors.

When these features combine, they allow Nissan’s signature pick-up to rev through every challenge - promising a performance ratio enhancement of 10%. This enables drivers to achieve class-leading power with every mile. Mother Nature has met her match.

To learn more about the 2017 Titan contact our team today!

Innovation deserves adulation - with critics tossing virtual flowers, sending their praises across every social feed. After all, perfection proves all too elusive in the automotive world; and, when it’s (finally) found, it must be celebrated.

The Kirkland team isn’t surprised, therefore, to see the 2017 Titan’s trophy case stuffed with awards. The shelves are sagging with acclaim.

According to Nissan, the 2017 Titan fleet (which includes the S, SL, SV, Pro-4X, and Platinum Reserve) has blitzed past the competition - earning recognition from the industry’s top critics. Among its most recent awards are:

2017 Pick-Up Of The Year - Truck Trend.
Full-Size Truck Of The Year - The Texas Auto Writers Association.
Commercial Vehicle Of The Year - The Texas Auto Writers Association.
Best Pick-Up Truck - MotorWeek.
Extreme Off-Road Champion -  The Active Lifestyle Vehicle Awards.

No other platform has secured such high acclaim for 2017, with the Titan dominating every event; and these awards prove well-deserved. Anchored by a 5.6L Endurance V8, this Nissan platform yields up to 390 HP. Available four-wheel-drive ensures nimble all-terrain handling, while an electronic rear differential offers stable responses. 20-inch aluminum-alloy wheels glide through every mile; and exclusive Tow/Haul technology accommodates up to 9,740 pounds of conventional trailering.

The 2017 Titan reigns as the year’s best half-ton option. To learn more contact us today!