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amazing team
this guys in keywest ford knows how to go above and beyond in terms of customer satisfaction. we purchased a vehicle last week and all within 3 hours everything was done. the guys are really time efficient. robert was there all theway from the start to explain everything we need to know about the vehicle. he was very friendly. michelle was the best in getting us approved for the loan as well as finding the best rates for us. you will just notice the entire office staff working closely in a very happy environment.
Horrible and rude managers
Recently had some service work done on my 2016 Ford Taurus (wheel bearing + oil change) No complaints for the service work as it was done quickly but very bad experience regarding a damaged tire caused by the dealer which they denied to take responsibility for. (Inside of the tire sliced caused by hoist floor arm) I spoke with Sue and Tony both who were very rude to me regarding this concern. Exact words from Tony himself ***(we don't take responsibility for any tire issues). I told him I will see you in person with my dad and speak with you about this issue and his response (well you can come down if you like with your dad, uncle or whoever but I don't want to see you,) completely unacceptable responses especially being managers. I was not notified of the tire damage and they did not phone me to ask if i wanted the tire replaced especially being on the sidewall which is a major safety hazard only notes in the inspection report stating small cut in left front tire. I told Tony i shouldve been notified of the damaged tire and asked what if the tire blew on the highway causing a major accident? and he just brushed it off like it wasn't a big deal and laughed it off. My vehicle had a previous accident but is still under ford factory warranty because of the previous accident Tony and Sue both threatned me if I proceed any further regarding this tire issue they will deny my warranty claim because of my vehicle being in an accident. And i will have to pay the whole amount. Currently made a claim with Ford Canada regarding this matter and hope to get this resolved.
Key West is a Reputable Dealership
I have been dealing with Key West for quite a few years for both purchasing and servicing of my FORD cars. I have always found them to be sincere, helpful and easy to deal with for my purchases and listen to what you are asking for. As far as servicing, they are honest and go the extra to make sure you are happy.
Key West Ford
We went to Key West because they had an excellent selection of pre-owned Ford Flex's in stock. We were coming in from out of town to make the purchase, so arranging to have the vehicle available for test drives, getting some service work done prior to taking possession, and then getting the vehicle to us in Kelowna required some coordination. Overall, there were a lot of moving parts to this deal, but Colton the service rep handled everything smoothly and got us into our new car. We're very happy with our new car and with all aspects of our experience at Key West.
I recently needed a new vehicle and had a wonderful experience last time I bought new vehicle at key west ford so once again I go and visit the wonderful people at key west , and sure enough they go above and beyond to help me into another vehicle. I recommend visit key west ford if looking for a vehicle , I’m a customer for life won’t go anywhere else. Mike P
Key west
Friendly knowledgeable staff. They truly know how to treat people. Robert made me feel welcome and I will recommend Key West to my family and friends
My search for a family SUV
Having worked in the service industry myself for over 15 years I appreciate good customer service when I see it. My experience with the team at Key West Ford was exceptional. From Yashar in the service department to Rob Vanoverschot and Mike Nokes in the sales office the experience was always friendly, professional and most importantly one where I felt my family's needs were of the highest priority. We test drove many SUV's of different makes and models and our final decision was unanimous. The Ford Explorer Sport ticked all the boxes for us and more with the quality of the drive, tech package, moon roof and mid console and captain's seats for the kids. A gorgeous vehicle and one we can't wait to drive and take on many long family road trips! Thank you Key West Ford, you guys are awesome!
Great experience
Jag Dhillon was very willing to work out a deal with us and made us feel comfortable with our decisions. Definitely recommend Jag and Key West Ford.
Thank you for your help
We just purchased a car from Peter Olson and it was great shopping experience with him. Peter was very knowledgeable about cars, and introduced a lot of detailed features to us. During the price negotiation, we didn't feel push, he worked hard to get the best price for us. Highly recommend to buy a car with him.
News for New and Used Nissan Titan Trucks
Kirkland Nissan Blogs - Titan Trucks
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The time has come, Seattle. Soon Nissan will take its Titan fleet from the CenturyLink Field Event Center, seeking out new miles and equally new conventions - and the chance to experience class-shattering power will disappear.

The 2017 Seattle International Auto Show ends today.

At 6:00 p.m. the CenturyLink Center will close its doors - ushering guests onto the downtown streets and striping away all brand banners. The stages will be dismantled and the spotlights will dim. Most tragic, however, will be the loss of the 2018 Nissan Titan. This pick-up is currently on display at the Auto Show, with drivers able to sneak peeks into its leather-trimmed cabin and feel the growl of its Endurance V8. In a few hours, though, it will vanish.

We suggest that you hurry to Occidental Avenue.

Don’t miss out on a chance to test-drive the 2018 Titan. Visit the Auto Show to take it for a spin - reveling in the seamless seven-speed transmission and robust AWD. This half-ton platform delivers almost 400 HP, allowing it to compete with Ford, Toyota, and other leading brands. It’s a powerhouse that deserves to be experienced. 

To learn more about the 2018 Titan - as well as the Seattle International Auto Show - contact us today.

Want to experience all-terrain power? Come to the CenturyLink Field Event Center and discover true Titan performance.

The Seattle International Auto Show serves as the region’s premier showcase - connecting drivers to the latest V8 powerhouses. Within the span of the CenturyLink Center guests will discover the best in engineering and design, with representatives from Ford, Subaru, and more proudly explaining every spec. Fleets of sport-tuned monsters share the spotlight, and there is much to see.

For those who crave a more interactive experience, however, we suggest wandering outside - where the Occidental Avenue Test Drive Station awaits!

During the Auto Show, guests can slip behind the wheels of their most-anticipated platforms, including the 2018 Titan. Nissan has this truck primed for fun, with the doors swung wide and the 5.0L engine revving. Step into the spacious King Cab, indulging in leather-trimmed seating and woodgrain trim - before engaging the seven-speed transmission for a blitz around the parking lot. This pick-up promises off-road thrills for all, delivering both a stiff ladder-style frame (which increases stability) and a robust 390 HP performance ratio (which accommodates every incline). There is no terrain too tough.

Want to take the 2018 Titan for a spin? Visit the Seattle International Auto Show this weekend to secure a spot:

Saturday, November 11th: 9 AM – 6 PM
Sunday, November 12th: 9 AM – 6 PM

Enjoy the roar of an Endurance V8 - and don’t forget to share your experience with our team!
To the CenturyLink Field Center they go - a convoy of monstrous proportions, with their suspensions sport-tuned and their engines rumbling. These Titans roll into the stadium, demanding attention (and accolades) with every rev.

The 2017 Seattle International Auto Show has begun… and Nissan intends to steal the spotlight.

From November 9th to November 12th Nissan will headline the Seattle Auto Show - introducing drivers to its 2018 Titan. This mammoth pick-up (boasting a bed-length of more than six feet and a King Cab configuration) will dominate every stage. Its 5.6L Endurance V8 will impress, offering an estimated 390 HP and 394 lb.-ft of torque; while its available AWD will promise backroad adventures. These features will pair with a seven-speed automatic transmission, which provides exclusive Tow/Haul technology to accommodate payloads of more than 1,600 pounds.

This Nissan platform will delight every Auto Show guest - and that’s why we suggest that our customers plan an afternoon visit to the CenturyLink Field Center. Crowds will surge in the evening, rendering it impossible to sneak a peek at the Titan. Be there when the gates open at 2:00 p.m. to secure a spot.

To learn more about the Seattle International Auto Show - or to request information about the 2018 Titan - contact us today.

Profits prove fickle in the automotive world - with every major marque experiencing post-summer plummets. The year is caught between the doldrums of fall and the impending Christmas rush, and this wreaks havoc on the sales charts.

The 2017 Nissan Titan defies all expectations, however - delivering a robust year-to-year rise and the promise of a record-breaking season.

Nissan has just revealed its October profits. While most performers (such as the Sentra and the Versa) maintained their steady monthly margins, the Titan instead experienced a surge of consumer interest - rising from 3,181 units in 2016 to 4,114 units in 2017. This represents a 29.3% growth in the United States and an overall yearly increase of 180%.

These numbers defy all sales patterns. Across the automotive vertical brands - such as Toyota and Kia - have seen their vehicles stall on the charts. The Titan, however, offers incredible improvement; and we anticipate that the release of the 2018 platform will only further this success.

Want to see why? Visit our dealership today to test our current Titan models - including the S, SL, SV, and Pro-4X. Don’t hesitate to request further spec comparisons or financing information as well.

With the release of the 2018 Titan XD, Nissan proves that it’s good to be king… cab. This supersized pick-up promises class-leading performance, enabling drivers to conquer every payload with ease.

According to Chron, the new Titan XD embraces a bigger is better philosophy. Its King Cab configuration shatters all segment expectations, connecting consumers to a staggering 139.8-inch wheelbase. This (when paired with the 2.7-inches of extra ground clearance, courtesy of Nissan’s ladder frame) allows the truck to crush every obstacle. It’s both 2.4-inches longer than its S sibling and more than 500 pounds heavier, creating an aggressive three-quarter-ton profile that impresses.

Power is the cornerstone of the 2018 Titan. This platform - anchored by a direct-injection 5.6L engine and a seven-speed automatic transmission - yields 390 HP and 394 lb.-ft of torque. This allows it to effortlessly accommodate every payload, with trailering ratios exceeding 11,000 pounds. No haul will prove too great for the XD.

With the introduction of the King Cab platform, Nissan is redefining both its production process and the pick-up market - delivering dynamic performance with every mile.

To learn more about the 2018 Titan XD contact our team today.

2018 nissan titan snow package seattle washingtonWinter is coming. Across Seattle drivers peer at the sky - lamenting the sudden peeks of gray, the heavy air that lingers. The days are turning colder and the nights are growing long. Soon snow will flood the roads, leaving every mile wet, cold, and unforgiving. Travel will become almost impossible.

With the unveiling of its exclusive Snow Package, Nissan seeks to provide relief - bolstering its 2018 Titan with the seasonal support drivers need.

According to Auto Evolution, Nissan will no longer tolerate those high drifts of snow. Instead it will fuse the 2018 Titan with a new suspension suite, allowing drivers to conquer the road (no matter how fall the temperatures fall). Among the enhancements are:

Heavy-Duty Front Springs - providing an axle gross weight of 575 pounds, these options will improve stability and will lessen the strain of snow plow attachments.

A Double-Wishbone Suspension - improving ride dynamics, this system will feature both leaf springs and bushings to adapt to changing road conditions.

A Front Stabilizer Bar - enhancing performance, this upgrade will reduce the chance of sudden roll-overs and provide steadier cornering.

With these technologies, the 2018 Titan will prove ready for winter - connecting drivers to the fluid performance they need to conquer every road. To learn more about the available Snow Package contact our team today.
It was 2001. Crowds gathered at the North American International Auto Show, seeking the latest in power and performance; critics took hasty pictures with their flip-phones, trying to memorize every spec sheet and concept image; and Nissan dominated the stage with the reveal of its Alpha T. Clad in aluminum alloy, this pick-up glittered beneath the spotlight and stole every accolade.

Don’t remember this moment? The Kirkland team doesn’t blame you. Despite its auspicious Auto Show reveal, the Alpha T never made it to production. Its style - though dynamic - simply didn’t translate to everyday travels, emphasizing sleek lines and sliding bed floors. It was a too-strong concept that couldn't work on the highway.

In 2004, however, drivers were able to experience some of the Alpha’s bold design - with Nissan fusing its fledgling Titan with surprising sophistication. Premium cloth seats offered 8-way power adjusters and lumbar support; while leather trims highlighted the steering wheel, door panels, and parking brake. A gated gearshift anchored the central console, flanked by enlarged radio dials for a sporty effect. All of this paired with a striking exterior, which blended a blistered cargo box with aluminum accents.

The 2004 Titan drew undeniable inspiration from the Alpha T - and a new kind of pick-up experience was formed.

To learn more about the Nissan Titan contact us today.

Days don’t define your calendar. Instead adventures do - with you fusing each season with fun, embracing changing temperatures and fickle weather with a series of activities. Summers are meant for swimming; winters promise snow-bound thrills; and every week in between is a chance to explore Washington.

We suggest that you choose the right companion for these escapes.

According to BizJournals, the 2017 Titan Pro-4X was recently named the Best Extreme Off-Road Truck by the Active Lifestyle Vehicle Awards. This competition - which seeks to identify platforms that deliver the necessary power for sportsmen - pitted Nissan against the likes of Ford, Toyota, and General Motors. Though these half-ton options offered undeniable strength, they could not surpass the all-terrain capabilities of the Endurance V8.

This engine anchors the Titan line-up - and it allows the Pro-4X to achieve a robust 390 HP. A seven-speed automatic transmission pairs with AWD to ensure fluid handling, while Bilstein performance shocks accommodate rough terrains. Integrated hill descent control technology promises superior grippage, utilizing both vented disc brakes and a locking rear differential to navigate every rut in the road; and front tow hooks combine with a Class IV receiver to deliver more than 11,000 pounds of trailering.

This allows the 2017 Titan to accommodate every off-road toy. Seek out fun with ease, Seattle!

To learn more about this and other Nissan trucks contact us today.

Payloads are a common foe. Every day drivers battle them, countering their heavy weights with trailers and vinyl beds. Pick-ups push back against every long-haul demand; but too often do these skirmishes end in a tense draw. There is simply too little power in Seattle to earn a victory.

The 2017 Titan is changing this.

According to The News Wheel, Nissan’s full-size pick-up will soon venture beyond off-road adventures - earning acclaim as America’s Best Commercial Truck. After experiencing rigorous testing at the Long River Ranch (which plays hosts to the Texas Auto Writers Association, a group of journalists who compares the performance capabilities of all major marques), the Titan proved the ultimate blue-collar option. Boasting a trailering capacity of 9,740-pounds and a rugged King Cab configuration, it raced past the competition.

The Kirkland team isn’t surprised. With the release of the 2017 Titan, Nissan provides Seattle with the everyday power it craves - utilizing a 5.6L V8 engine to ensure class-leading responses (390 HP, 394 lb.-ft of torque). The available AWD caters to every road, while Class IV hitch performance offers effortless towing. This platform can quickly adapt to all commercial needs, delivering exceptional payload ratios.

Want to test it out? Visit our dealership today to see why Texas critics named the 2017 Titan as one of the best platforms on the market.

First glances can deceive. With the reveal of Nissan’s third-quarter margins, critics and consumers may share a sense of disbelief - comparing the sales of the 2017 Titan with its competitors (the Ford F-Series, the Toyota Tundra, and the Dodge Ram). The numbers seem strangely underwhelming, lacking in both volume and profits; and disappointment fills the Seattle streets.

Allow us to provide some much-needed relief.

According to Auto News, the 2017 Titan has earned 35,549 total units for the year. While this number does indeed pale in comparison to other brands (particularly the Ford F-150, which has delivered 658,636 total units), it also proves the growing interest in Nissan’s fledgling pick-up. Overall sales have increased a staggering 224 percent - securing the largest year-to-year victory of any major marque.

What does this mean for the Titan? Nissan is already seeking to further expand its success - with Auto News reporting that the company will soon send its V8 powerhouse across the globe, conquering markets in China, Russia, and Australia. It’s creating direct international competition for Ford and Toyota; and it’s developing a strong presence on the sales charts, providing drivers with access to 390 HP, 394 lb.-ft of torque, and a towing capacity of 9,740-pounds.

We anticipate that the Titan will prove unstoppable in the years to come - cultivating fans in North America and beyond.

Want to see why the 2017 Titan delivered such high sales? Visit our dealership today to take this pick-up for a downtown ride.