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Patient and Kind
I was extremely happy with most of the folks I spoke with during my time at Key West. It took me 3 days of visiting the dealership to make sure I was making the right decision on the vehicle for my needs and my budget. All staff but one understood that this purchase wasn't an easy one to make within my budget. Peter Olsen, Michael Nokes and Robert Klaus really understood why I needed to take my time and research all my options. I appreciated their kindness and patience and didn't feel at all pressured into the sale.
Good dealers
Helpful and honest dealers. Car was well inspected and in advertised good condition. Overall the service was good and the sale was fair. Dean was great!
F350 truck
I saw an ad for a F350 at the lot. The truck was not on the lot due to construction. It took a day to get the truck so I could see it. I made a deal and drove it away that afternoon. Happy with the vehicle. Sales person was new to Key West and lacked knowledge of all the options on the truck.
Over and above
They were great. They did everything in their power to help us. They really know there stuff. They took the time to explain everything and answer all if our questions. They really want to make that we got everything we needed and more.
Honest and Trustworthy Dealership
There were a few hiccups that came along with our purchase of a pre-owned vehicle but I was impressed with how much effort was taken to remedy the situation and make sure we were feeling great about our purchase. The dealership really went above and beyond to get us in a vehicle that was safe and good quality! Jeff was very attentive both on-site and through follow-up calls, addressing concerns, and doing everything in his power to remedy the situation. I would highly recommend working with Jeff who was easy going, enthusiastic, and kept the process very simple. In the end, we are very happy with our new (to us!) vehicle and I'm glad we went through this journey with Key West Ford and Jeff.
Good experience
This was one of the best experiences I have had at a dealership. Thanks to Jag, Nick, and Mike for their help getting me into a great vehicle.
Got my dream car with a very good deal
One of my best experience ever, staff is so kind , also deals are awesome. They helps me a lot to get my dream car within my budget. Big thanks to peter olson.
Honest and a pleasure to wok with.
I bought a used truck which needed a bit of service. Key West Ford did not hesitate to insure the truck lived up to what they promised.
Efficient and Courteous!
I moved to Vancouver from Toronto and was in need of a truck. Pete was able to source one that I was looking for from Alberta and had it delivered quickly and was very communicative in terms of delivery status throughout. He was even kind enough to send me some recommendations for places to go around New West with me being new to the area. Thanks Pete!
Most Common Nissan Vehicle Questions In Seattle, Tacoma, And Bellevue Washington
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buy a nissan in kirklandSup, Robert!

Quick question: I’m a little concerned about the temperature gauge in my 2012 Nissan Titan. On a trip yesterday, it read a little high as I was returning home at the end of the day. I haven’t had the need to take the truck out today but figured I’d get your thoughts ahead of potentially having it looked at.

Thanks, Bill


Thanks for checking in—and it’s fantastic that you already plan on having your 2013 Nissan Titan checked out! As you know, high-temperature readings are nothing to sneeze at, as the underlying issue may be, quite frankly, catastrophic if not attended to. Here are a few of the most likely issues:

  1. Your thermostat may simply be malfunctioning/failing! In this case, you’re off the hook. The truck itself is fine and operating normally—you’re just getting a false temperature reading. This can be fixed up in a jiffy with a coolant temperature switch replacement.
  2. Your water pump or water pump gasket may be on its way out. This, of course, would necessitate a more significant repair.
  3. Your pickup may be leaking coolant. Keep in mind that even a slight leak can have a profound effect, so check your coolant level and/or look under your pickup to determine if there’s a leak.
  4. Your Titan’s engine may be overheating.
We recommend taking your truck in immediately just in case, Bill. Call us with any further questions!

I’m a bit concerned about one of my older Nissan vehicles. How much oil consumption is too much? I feel the car may be reaching that point but I’m honestly unsure.

Thanks, Stacy


Great question! While increasing oil consumption over the life of a car is a fact we all have to accept, at some juncture, the amount of oil used may become too great no matter how old the car is. Whether you’re in a modern Nissan automobile or any other, you should only use about one half of a quart of oil for every three to five thousand miles. If your car is particularly new, it may use even less! Contrarily, if you have a machine that’s truly long in the tooth, it’s fine to use a full quart every 1,000 to 1,500, but that should be considered the absolute extreme. Anything more than that—old car or not—and you have a problem on your hands that should be taken care of and diagnosed by a professional.

Ring us at Kirkland Nissan now to learn more!
new 2018 nissan versa for sale in bellevue washingtonHi Robert,

My 2018 Nissan Versa has been shaking a lot on the highway recently, and I don’t know why. My friend said that it’s because the wheels are out of balance: what do you think?


Hi, Jenna!

From how you’ve described the issue, it sounds like your tires on your 2018 Nissan Versa could be out of balance. This is something you should take care of sooner rather than later.

If your Versa starts to shake when traveling at around 60-70 mph this is often a sign that one or more of your tires are out of balance. Although, other things could provoke this issue with your car.

As tires get older, they tend to change their shape which puts them out of balance. This can be caused by various factors including wear and tear on your front-end parts, and your driving style.

To fix this problem, weights are placed on both the inside and outside rim planes. This process is what balances your tire.

My advice is to visit our Service Department and let the Technicians inspect your vehicle.

Thanks for your question, Jenna! Please don’t hesitate to contact Kirkland Nissan, Washington again if you need anything else!

buy a Nissan Titan in KirklandRobert,

So, I know my 2011 Nissan Titan is getting a little long in the tooth and figured I’d ask ahead of time. If the check engine light comes on, what’s the most likely issue? Trying to plan/budget for repairs in advance, if possible.

Thanks, Sterling


Great question! Sadly, it’s difficult to pin down one “most likely” issue related to your check engine light. Keep in mind that, surprisingly, your 2011 Nissan Titan’s warning light may come on simply because of a loose gas cap, so be sure to check that first before freaking out—it’s far from uncommon. If it’s not your gas cap, though, there’s a deeper issue afoot. Here are some likely possibilities:

  1. Malfunctioning Mass Airflow Sensor (MAF). This occurs when the unit that monitors engine airflow is damaged due to malfunctioning O2 sensors, spark plugs, the catalytic converter, etc. The result may be a drop in fuel efficiency.
  2. Malfunctioning Oxygen (O2) sensor. Specifically, if this sensor becomes damaged, not only will engine efficiency drop but the spark plugs and or catalytic converter are likely to become an issue.
  3. Faulty spark plugs/wires. If either the spark plug wires or the plugs themselves become worn, the catalytic converter may become clogged and overall engine performance will take a hit.

Note, Sterling, that a mechanic can use your car’s diagnostic port to determine the exact issue. Ring us today with any further questions!
new 2018 nissan titan xd for sale in bellevue washingtonDear Robert,

I’ve noticed that there's a squeaking noise coming from my 2018 Nissan Titan XD when it’s warming up. I can sometimes hear it while I'm driving: do you know what’s causing it?


Hi, Darren!

It sounds like there might be a problem with one of the engine belts in your 2018 Nissan Titan XD.

If you hear a high-pitched squeal when warming up and while driving it’s often due to a problem with the vehicle’s serpentine belt. This component is more than likely worn out or loose on your 2018 Nissan Titan XD. 

If this is the issue with your truck, it will only get worse over time. When the belt starts to break, you will hear a flapping sound as it strikes other components under the hood.

Unless you take care of the issue, the serpentine belt will eventually fail completely. When it does, you’ll lose your vehicle’s power steering, alternator, and air conditioner. Of course, this is one of the last things you want to happen while you're driving. 

My advice is to call down to our Service Department and let the Technicians inspect your vehicle.

Thanks for your question, Darren! Please don’t hesitate to contact Kirkland Nissan, Washington again if you ever need anything else.

new 2018 nissan kicks for sale in bellevue washingtonDear Robert,

It feels like the brakes are dragging on my 2018 Nissan Kicks. There is constant resistance, even after I release the pedal. My friend thinks there might be a problem with the hoses: could he be right?


Hi, James!

A lot of issues may cause your 2018 Nissan Kicks’ brakes to drag but your friend could be correct. Having a problem with one or multiple hoses could be to blame.

If a hose or line is pinched or kinked, pressure can become trapped in it after the brake pedal has been released.

When you apply the brakes, the pressure is high enough so that it can bypass the kink in the line. But, as you let off the pedal, the master cylinder can’t supply enough force to push the fluid back.

Over time, this will wear out your brake pads and rotors. It will also cause your Kicks’ gas mileage to fall. My advice is to bring your vehicle down to our Service Department at your earliest convenience and let our Technicians inspect it.

Thanks for your question, James! Please don’t hesitate to contact Kirkland Nissan, Washington again if you ever need anything else.

new 2019 nissan rogue for sale in bellevue washingtonDear Robert,

My father noticed one of my 2019 Nissan Rogue's tires is bald and said that it's dangerous to use. Why is it so bad to drive with the rubber in this condition?


If one or more of the tires on your 2019 Nissan Rogue’s becomes bald, you should consider it dangerous to drive. This is especially true when it’s raining.

Bald tires have less grip meaning they’re more prone to under steer. So if you take a corner too quickly, you could run wide.

Since the rubber has already worn away so much, tires in this condition are far more susceptible to blowouts. This is especially true on long highway trips.

The thread on your rubber kicks out water as it passes over it. For this reason, bald tires are extremely susceptible to hydroplaning. When this happens, you completely lose control of your vehicle: of course, this is dangerous.

You should change your Rogue’s tire as soon as possible and avoid driving in the rain at all costs.

Thanks for your question, Sarah! Please don’t hesitate to contact Kirkland Nissan, Washington if you ever need anything else.

new 2019 nissan sentra for sale in bellevue washingtonDear Robert,

I was out in my 2019 Nissan Sentra during heavy rain yesterday and nearly lost control. Do you have any advice on how to drive under these weather conditions?


Hi, Amy!

I’m sorry to hear about your mishap yesterday. There are a number of driving techniques you can use to keep you and your 2019 Nissan Sentra safe.

The number one thing to do when it’s raining is slow down. On top of this, everything from accelerating to applying the brakes and turning should be done gently and progressively.

Avoid any standing water which has built up on the road, as this could cause you to hydroplane. You should also try to drive in the tracks made by the car ahead of you, as this part of the road will have more grip.

If it's raining, you need to leave a lot more distance between you and the car in front of you. A good tip is to use “only a fool breaks the two-second rule”: say this once when the road is dry and twice in poor weather conditions.

Thanks for your question, Amy! Please don’t hesitate to contact Kirkland Nissan, Washington again if you ever need anything else.

new 2018 nissan titan for sale in auburn washingtonDear Robert,

I want to give my 2018 Nissan Titan some more power, so I’m thinking of fitting it with a performance exhaust system: do you think this is a good idea?


Hi, Mark!

Fitting a performance exhaust system to your 2018 Nissan Titan is certainly one way to give it more power: but only if you do it correctly.

Many people opt to fit clamp-on mufflers which I would not recommend. These are imitators and only serve to give your Titan a sporty look and sound. These components may even reduce your Titan’s power.

If you really want to increase your truck's performance, you need to replace the entire exhaust system with high-end parts. This includes everything between the muffler and the catalytic converter.

Bare in mind, environmental regulations mean that you cannot alter the catalytic converter itself.

High-performance aftermarket exhaust manufacturers often tout that their systems provide a 10% boost in horsepower. But you need to be aware that this is largely dependent on the condition of your vehicle.

Thanks for your question, Mark! Please don’t hesitate to contact Kirkland Nissan, Washington again if you need anything else.

new 2019 nissan rogue for sale in auburn washingtonDear Robert,

With the warm weather approaching, I’m thinking about fitting summer tires to my 2019 Nissan Rogue. I'm not sure if it's worth doing: what do you think?


Hi, Matt!

Whether or not you should fit Summer tires to your 2019 Nissan Rogue really depends on the conditions you’re going to drive in.

These tires work best in temperatures in excess of 45-degrees Fahrenheit. They're made from a softer rubber compound and fitted with large tread blocks.

The composition of summer tires means they're extremely grippy. They’ll have more traction in both wet and dry conditions. Fitting them to your Rogue will give it better handling and braking capabilities.

Once temperatures drop, however, the soft rubber compound hardens and traction is greatly reduced, to the point that it may be dangerous. If you drive in cold weather you could actually damage the tire, causing it to chip or crack.

So if you’re confident you’ll only drive in warm weather conditions, then these tires would be a good addition to your vehicle.

Thanks for the question, Matt! Please don’t hesitate to contact Kirkland Nissan, Washington again if you need anything else.

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