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Excellent Service
We are very happy with the service and support we have received from Robert. We had a lot of questions and needed some extra support with our new Mustang, and Robert was patient, knowledgeable, and efficient, doing whatever it took to make up happy. The whole team at Key West, including Nicholas Terezakis who handled our warranty purchases, have been great to deal with. We were in good hands. Thanks everyone!
Excellent experience
Great customer service. Every single person who was involved in our new car purchase did a top notch job. Super professional and friendly team.Highly recommended this dealership. Allen was helping us to get the best deal possible on our purchase. Thank you again for all the help
Great experience!
I had a very good experience dealing with everyone involved at Key West Ford and would recommend them. They were very professional and made the whole process enjoyable!
Happy customer
My second deal with them.Excellent customer service.Very professional.They took care of everything.Even for finance not a single issue.Thamk you again guys.Enjoying my new ride😉
Disappointed. Shocked this is a Ford dealership
Very disappointed,my sons first experience purchasing a new vehicle. Had I known how poor this dealership is I would’ve have convinced him to buy somewhere else. Do not buy from this dealership or this sales manager. Doesn’t care about your complaints. Word of advice test drive at this lot but order and buy from another dealership. You’ll get treated better
Above & Beyond
This fellow is one of a kind. In all my life I’ve never had a good experience at a car dealership until I went to Key West Ford. What an amazing group of people. My focus titanium(2017) is the second purchase that I’ve made off Michael both experiences were something to write home about. Whether you’re in the market for a Ford or any other kind of vehicle please do yourself a favour and check out the great people at Key West Ford.
Helped me find the car I want
This is my first car purchase. When I came to here, I didn't have a clear idea on what car I shall buy. Allan showed me around on several probable ways to buy my first car. The next day, he also found another car that suit my current need. As I am new to Canada, there are a lot of differences on law, rules and regulations from the country I was in. Allan provided useful information on all of them and helped me get to a purchase solution that can fit into my short term and long term plan. Now I have used the car for some time and everything seems good :)
2017 F150 supercrew
Great pricing, very helpful. I'm from out of town and was on a tight schedule. Jag and the rest of the folks at key west were sensitive to my time constraints and had my truck ready for delivery with no hiccups.
Exellent experience.
We had a small car budget in mind and after talking it over and trying various model we settled for something newer than expected without breaking the bank. Very happy with my purchase and recommend to anyone looking for a used or new car to start at key West Ford.
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There is a new ruler of the road - with Nissan unveiling its 2018 Titan King Cab. This half-ton platform promises class-leading performance, leaving the less is more philosophy in the proverbial dust.

As Villager Publishing explains, the 2018 King Cab proves a dynamic force on the highway. Every line has been tailored to impress, delivering super-sized performance with each mile.


Conquer every terrain in the new Titan. This platform boasts a massive frame (229-inches long, 81-inches wide, and 77-inches high) that rolls over each challenge with ease. The extended ground clearance (8.3-inches) accommodates even the roughest roads, while a 16.4-degree approach angle lets the fascia move smoothly over curbs.

Bed Length

To ensure best-in-class payloads (1,620 pounds), the King Cab boasts an extended bed - which delivers 6.5 feet of storage capabilities. The 50-inch liner depth pairs with a 63.8-inch wheel-to-wheel width, branding this bay perfect for every long-haul need.


A massive wheelbase (139.8-inches) delivers superior cabin space, with the 2018 Titan yielding a six-passenger configuration. Riders can sprawl comfortably in 41.8-inches of frontal legroom and 38.5-inches of rear legroom, respectively.

With the release of the King Cab edition, Nissan elevates its Titan from pick-up truck to half-ton heavyweight. Learn more about this bigger is better mantra by visiting our dealership today!
Economy proves rare within the half-ton market - with pick-ups intended for payloads, not pump performance. Strength, it’s argued, can’t coexist with efficiency.

Nissan disagrees.

According to JD Power, the 2018 Titan delivers class-leading economy - with its 5.6L Endurance V8 engine generating up to 15 MPGs in the city and 21 MPGs on the highway. How does it achieve such a strong ratio? Nissan credits its inclusion of active grille technology.

Efficiency has come to the pick-up market - with active grille shutters anchoring the Titan’s front. These are exclusive valves that open and close as needed to control air flow. Their main purpose is to ensure optimum engine temperatures, increasing intake levels when sensors indicate that the V8 is over-heating. When this goal is achieved, however, they will then create a tight seal against the fenders, forcing wind to divert away from the chassis.

This promotes aerodynamic responses with every mile - allowing the Titan to battle more effectively against drag. The platform can quickly maneuver through each environment, with air sluiced away and friction reduced. Engine strain is greatly lessened. The need for an excess of resources, therefore, is decreased and overall economy rises.

Active grille shutters provide the Titan with superior control over every drop of fuel - and they allow drivers to experience greater value at the pump. To learn more contact us today!
Unveiled last month at the 2018 Work Truck Show in Indianapolis, Indiana, the Nissan Smokin’ Titan was officially fired up this week for a four-city tour. Dubbed The Great Titan Meat Up, Nissan’s ultimate tailgating and barbecuing pickup brought truck and grill enthusiasts together to share their appreciation for brawny performance and delicious eats.
The Smokin' Titan kicked off its tour in Idaho City before making stops at Roaming Buffalo BBQ in Denver, Q39 BBQ in Kansas City, Salt + Smoke BBQ in St. Louis, and Central BBQ in Memphis. But, that was all just a pre-game event for this Saturday when the heat will be turned up at the Great Titan Meat Up in Pigeon Forge. 
With celebrity chefs Cory Bahr and David Rose serving as judges, teams will be challenged to out-cook a Nissan executive team led by Billy Hayes, Division VP, Nissan Regional Operations, who is not only an outdoor cooking enthusiast, but one of the masterminds behind the Smokin’ Titan. Hayes will be joined by three other Nissan executives and will compete against five media organizations, as well as a team from Nissan Canton Assembly, where the Smokin' Titan was assembled. 
It promises to be a sizzling competition! To follow along, check out @NissanUSATrucks on Instagram and Facebook or utilize the hashtags #SmokinTITAN and #TITANMeatUp to join in the conversation.
To learn more about the 2018 Titan, contact our team at Kirkland Nissan for specs and pricing.
There are few miles in this world more treacherous than those tucked within the Rocky Mountains. Across this chain of stone and snow sprawls a collection of shallow byways - all clinging to its sharp peaks (the tallest of which rises more than 14,000 feet above sea level). These paths are unforgiving and, for pick-up drivers, they often prove impossible to cross.

For those that favor the 2018 Titan, however, victory is assured.

According to Nissan, the 2018 Titan has just been named the Rocky Mountain Truck of the Year. This award - which was bestowed by top journalists of the western automotive press corps - celebrates off-road capabilities. Anchored by a 5.6L Endurance V8, this platform can effortlessly roll across even the toughest terrains, yielding 390 HP and 394 lb.-ft of torque. A seven-speed automatic transmission offers high-range gear shifts to promote optimum traction, while the four-wheel-drivetrain combines a locking rear differential with a double-wishbone suspension to ensure balanced handling. Integrated trailer sway control technology stabilizes every payload; and downhill speed regulators seamlessly adapt to changing inclines.

This allows the 2018 Titan to smoothly maneuver down every trail - and it places it above the market’s leading competitors. Nissan noted that the Rocky Mountain Automotive Press ranked this platform above both the Ford F-150 and the Dodge Ram 2500, proving that not all half-ton trucks are created equal.

Want to take it for a ride? Visit our dealership today to learn more about the award-winning 2018 Titan!
Cold days, long nights - winter cares nothing for the seasonal change. It still looms above Seattle, turning the roads slick with its final bursts of rain; and drivers tuck themselves inside their homes, not wanting to brave the chilly onslaught.

Allow Nissan to provide some much-needed relief. The 2018 Titan has arrived… and it’s brought the Convenience Package with it!

According to the Times Free Press, the new Titan proves perfect for defying the winter - with its Convenience Package boasting a suite of comfort features. The power-folding seats now offer leather trims, greeting passengers with supple support. Multi-level heating technologies anchor the cushions to provide optimum temperatures, while integrated memory functions ease every bone-deep ache (press a button to achieve a custom alignment, with each rider able to control the height, angle, and depth of their respective chairs). A remote engine start function is also included. Push the fob to activate the dual-zone automatic climate controls, staving off the cabin chill.

To further bolster comfort, the Convenience Package also offers a power tilting/telescoping steering column. This enables drivers to better define their experiences, ensuring that the wheel is perfectly positioned for their specific needs. Integrated heating functions are also provided to optimize each mile.

The Convenience Package is currently available for the SV, SL, and Pro-4X trims. To learn more about this Titan option contact us today!
Convenience has come to the half-ton market - with Nissan bolstering its 2018 Titan with an exclusive Utility Package. This collection of fascia upgrades ensures seamless off-road experiences, enabling drivers to conquer both terrains and traffic with ease.

According to the Times Free Press, the 2018 Titan delivers superior driver support. Anchored by the Utility Package (which is currently priced at $1,445), this V6 now embraces ease. Front and rear sonar systems flank the bumpers, utilizing real-time radar scanners to assess the surrounding environment (these stream high-definition visuals into the central LCD console and allow riders to note potential obstacles. Gauge distance, lane alignment, and more with a quick glance). LED lighting frames the tailgate and rail-bed, providing much-needed illumination at night; while a 120-volt outlet sits in the fully-boxed frame, ensuring quick tool connectivity. To ensure further convenience, the side-view mirrors feature power adjustment technology and counter blind spots through easy positioning.

The 2018 Titan promises class-leading capability - yielding up to 9,740 pounds of conventional towing. To ensure that every payload is perfectly distributed, Nissan has fused the Utility Package with an available Class IV receiver. This pairs a 7-pin design with a seamless wiring harness, allowing drivers to smoothly connect to the hitch and stabilize their trailers.

Adapt to every demand with ease - relying on the Utility Package and its advanced fascia options. To learn more about this Nissan add-on contact our team today!
best price 2018 titan in seattle washingtonGreat news Seattle truck fans – the 2018 Nissan Titan King Cab was recently named the "2018 Rocky Mountain Truck of the Year," nabbing the top spot for the second year in a row at the annual Rocky Mountain Automotive Press Awards. Voted on by some of the industry’s best journalists, the Titan was presented its award during the Charity Preview Party at the Denver Auto Show.
"The Rocky Mountains feature some of the best off-road terrain America has to offer, and the area is also home to some of the top truck enthusiasts in the country," said Tiago Castro, Director, Light Commercial Vehicles Sales & Marketing, Nissan North America, Inc., in a press release. "Because of that, this award holds a great amount of significance, and we are thrilled for the Titan lineup to take home top honors in back-to-back years."
But, the 2018 Titan isn’t just ideal for the Rocky Mountains – it’s the perfect truck for the PNW and its varied terrain, weather conditions and commercial industries within our region. The King Cab version offers available seating for six with wide-opening rear doors and an optional "rear seat delete" option, which is great for business use with its flat floor and secure in-cab storage space. 
Offered in 4x4 and 4x2 drive and three grade levels (S, SV and PRO-4X), the Titan also comes equipped with a 390-horsepower 5.6-liter Endurance V8 engine and seven-speed automatic transmission. For those that need heavy hauling, this is the truck to drive, as the Titan King Cab offers an available maximum towing capacity of 9,420 lbs and a max payload of 1,640 lbs. 
Are you looking to add a winner to your fleet? If so, schedule a test drive in a 2018 Titan at Kirkland Nissan in Seattle, Washington.
The battle seem predetermined - with critics sliding into their seats, underwhelmed as they watched the competitors enter the arena. The Toyota Tundra, they were certain, would win this fight. It boasted a legacy of power, and no newcomer could defeat it… especially the Nissan Titan. This would be quick event.

It was - but the ending was quite different than anticipated.

As Forbes explains, the 2018 Titan stole the crown from Toyota - delivering a better pick-up experience. During an exhaustive comparison, this half-ton platform reigned supreme in key performance categories, including: style, handling, and cabin design. It delivered a fluid ride, emphasizing driver comfort and all-terrain capability; and not even the venerable Tundra could surpass it.


Forbes appreciates the bold design of the 2018 Titan - noting its powerful frame (229-inches long, 81-inches wide, 77-inches high) and imposing wheel-arches. Chrome detailing highlights the active grille shutters, while a removable front aero spoiler delivers a sporty effect.


Anchored by a seven-speed automatic transmission, the Titan ensures nimble responses. Its RWD provides precise traction distribution, utilizing the 18-inch steel wheels to optimum effect; while a switch-operated transfer case yields crisp control, automatically engaging the available 4x4 to modulate both speed and cornering.


Comfort often proves forgotten in the pick-up market - but the 2018 Titan allows drivers to indulge in every adventure. Leather seats blend power lumbar support with available climate-control technologies, while dual-zone air conditioning promotes precise temperatures. The expansive six-passenger cabin further impresses, offering up to 41.8-inches of legroom.

With the release of the 2018 Titan, Nissan has proven itself to be a true market contender - and it’s left the Tundra in the dust.

To learn more contact our team today!

2018 nissan titan best price in seattle washingtonGreat news, Seattle trunk enthusiasts! For the first time ever, Nissan is offering a factory-authorized suspension lift kit for the Titan and Titan XD full-size pickups. 
The kits, developed by California-based ICON Vehicle Dynamics, offer a more aggressive exterior appearance, increased ground clearance and a suspension lift of up to three inches. It will be available for order this spring on Titan and Titan XD Crew Cab 4x4 models - just in time to hit the PNW's muddy trails.
According to Nissan, the automaker partnered with ICON since they are a well-respected name in the suspension lift-engineering industry, known for their quality and craftsmanship. The kit they developed is easy to install, maintains the Titan and Titan XD's payload and towing capabilities, plus it allows the trucks to be returned to stock, offering drivers greater flexibility come resale or end-of-lease trade-in.
To install the suspension lifts, no drilling or cutting is necessary; rather, they conveniently bolt-on. The kits include specially-tuned adjustable-height coil-over shock absorbers, custom rod end bearings and patent-pending Delta Joints. 
Ready to take your 2018 Titan to new heights? Contact us at Kirkland Nissan in Seattle, Washington, to pre-order your suspension kit today!
It seemed an impossible task - with the pick-up market doomed to mediocre ratings and cool critic receptions. These half-ton platforms (with their emphases on trailering and long-haul demands) have never earned recognition for safety. Their technologies didn't impress; and their capabilities lagged behind every mid-size counterpart. They weren’t destined to excel in crash test scenarios.

Nissan is now changing this - by introducing drivers to its 2018 Titan.

According to, the 2018 Titan has just received the coveted Good rating from the IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety). This award - which has rarely been given to pick-ups in the past - celebrates the extensive upgrades Nissan has provided for the new year; and it emphasizes the truck’s ability to respond to small overlap front collisions, side crashes, and head-on incidents.

How did Nissan secure a top rating from the IIHS? It bolstered the 2018 Titan with advanced capabilities. Electronic stability and traction control helps to maintain precise lane positions, reducing the risk of rollovers while cornering. Vented all-wheel anti-lock brakes ensure seamless decelerations; while daytime running lights combat Seattle’s gray mornings. Integrated sensors recognize when a crash has occurred, instantly engaging the airbag suite (which includes side-impact and head curtain inflatables); and Moving Object Detection software enhances the Around View monitor, alerting drivers to passing cars and pedestrians alike.

The 2018 Titan offers ample safety features - making it an ideal option for work or play. To learn more about this platform contact us today.
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