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First car finance Easy as 1 2 3
I have given Key West Ford 5 star’s because they are very professional and they alway checked back up on me multiple times after financing my first vehicle !
Peter Olson
Overall the experience was good with Key ford west and the person who made the sale happen was Peter Olson. He wasn’t pushy in a direct manner and gave us the space to make a decisions. He also was able to handle some bumps during the sales process and provided great customer care.
Erick is great
Pleasurable experience buying a vehicle from Erick must reccomend contacting him especially if you are from out of town like myself. I contacted Erick through the website he was professional and easy to deal with. The dealership went above and beyond all expectations.
Peter Olson was awesome !
Peter was so helpful with the purchase of my sons first vehicle. He was very knowledgeable and genuinely wanted us to be happy. Thank you Pete for all your help!
Professional, Reliable & Exceptional Customer Service
No pressure, no hassle. Peter was extremely helpful & patient. In the end I drove away feeling confident about my purchase and he went above & beyond!
Bought a 2018 Ford Flex Limited from Robert Klaus
. Robert was personable and honest.Our experience was great and through out the transaction there was no pressure tactics. It was very refreshing. Call Robert
It was a simple process. A quick no hassle deal was made
We looked at a few of the Mustangs on the lot. I knew which model I wanted and had a few choices of colour. The one I wanted was at another lot so it was quickly brought in and we closed the deal.
We showed up on a Friday afternoon looked ,drove and chose a vehicle and left the yard . We were contacted hours later met in morning paper crunch and caught the 12:15 ferry out of horseshoe bay in our new van Great work guys
Bought F-350 harley Davidson from Peter Olsen over the phone
The vehicle was everything Peter said it was and more. Peter handled the entire transaction for me with no issues including transport permits. Very fortunate to have gotten Peter to deal with. Thanks again Peter.
Nissan News
Latest Nissan News For Seattle, Tacoma, And Bellevue Washington
The 2018 Nissan Murano is a big-time player in the SUV market. It commands consumer attention through its sublime combination of safety and performance features that push its segment forward. If you’re looking for a fresh ride in the new year, this could be the one!

There is a myriad of onboard safety inclusions, but we’re going to focus on two integral ones in this space today. First is Automatic Emergency Braking, which prevents front crashes by sensing cars moving ahead of you and slowing or stopping your Murano whenever you get too close. Then there's Intelligent Forward Collision Warning, which is a complementary feature that makes you aware of the distance and speed of automobiles around you, giving an audible alert as necessary. If safety is important to you, this SUV reigns supreme.

The 2018 Murano is also a high performer. It relies on its trusty, powerful 3.5L V6. The motor revs and roars, offering 260 HP. It’s surprisingly easy on gas consumption, too. As you roll around Seattle, Bellevue, and Renton, you’ll find that the SUV provides an average MPG of 28 highway / 21

Call us at Kirkland Nissan today to hear more on the Murano!
The 2018 Nissan Rogue SV is fresh on car lots around the country, bringing with it a wide array of new features that make many optional, expensive packages a thing of the past. Standard inclusions are all the rage on this SUV for this model year, and Seattle stands to benefit as a result.

Check out that exterior. On the front, you’ll notice a revised “V-Motion” grille with aggressive chrome and a larger, repositioned Nissan decal. Subtle tweaks, such as this, improve the appearance of the Rogue, but the SUV's functionality is where this vehicle really shines. Rear Cross Traffic Alert senses when cars approach as you are backing up, notifying you to brake as necessary. Blind Spot Warning is also standard this year, detecting in a similar fashion when an automobile comes up on your side. LED turn signals are now available, as well.

Now, imagine you’re heading off on a grocery run. As you cruise to the store, the now standard seven-inch touchscreen display lets you control vehicle settings and entertainment options along your way. It’s an upgrade over the outgoing five-inch monitor. Once you make it to your destination and grab the necessary items, a motion-activated liftgate enables swift bag stowing. This SUV is designed with your convenience in mind!

Head over to see us at Kirkland Nissan to try out the 2018 Rogue SV!
The 2018 Nissan Rogue is here and it’s set to ensure you get around Seattle, Renton, and Bellevue safely. The vehicle has a number of systems in place to protect you and your loved ones.

Intelligent cruise control senses the distance between 
cars traveling ahead and adjusts your speed accordingly—no input from you necessary! Lane Departure Warning provides an audible alert whenever you begin to stray from your path. And the SL trim of the 2018 Rogue comes packed with Automatic Emergency Braking with Pedestrian Detection. This reacts far quicker to objects that come into your area than you could unassisted, mitigating the potential for a crash.

The 2018 Rogue also comes with ProPILOT Assist. This is a powerful technology centered around your safety. It aids during single-lane highway cruising by taking over braking, acceleration, and steering, offering a semi-autonomous experience. It even handles stop-and-go situations. Truly, it’s the future of driving.

Stop by Kirkland Nissan to see the 2018 Rogue in action today!
Get ready for a revolution in the way we interact with our automobiles, Ahead of their planned demonstration at the CES 2018 show in Las Vegas, Nissan has announced the latest breakthrough in their Intelligent Mobility initiative—Brain-to-Vehicle technology (B2V).

If it sees mass adoption in the future, B2V will change the way Seattle commutes. The system actually reads the owner’s mind, detecting when the driver is thinking of performing a movement (accelerating, braking, or turning the steering wheel) and automatically does that function for them. Also, when put into autonomous mode, the new advancement will also adjust the in-cabin environment by predicting discomfort and using augmented reality to deliver relaxation.

B2V is a world-first system. It works by having the driver wear a brain-wave measuring device. These detections are then analyzed and processed by autonomous technology within the car. This enables it to take actions on your behalf that are 0.2 to 0.5 seconds quicker than you’d be able to manage on your own.

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buy a new nissan pathfinder in seattle washingtonLet’s preface this post with the fact that conversation is a necessary piece of every road trip; a long drive through the countryside is one of the only times you can get the whole family together and actually keep them there. That being said, by about the fourth or fifth hour it’s understandable why chatter might begin dwindling. When that moment does finally come, the 2018 Nissan Pathfinder has got your back.

We’ll start with the least obvious entertainment features in this SUV. The Pathfinder’s 
dual-panel panoramic moonroof runs the entire length of the car, allowing your passengers to (in their ever-increasing boredom) stare up at the awe-inspiring celestial dome above them. And with 138 cubic feet of volume, the profound serenity of the sky might even be able to put them to sleep. But in the event that that does not happen…

The Pathfinder’s tri-zone entertainment system provides music (via B
lueTooth) up front and video in the back. Dual 8” monitors attached to the driver and passenger headrests give those in the 2nd row movies, video games, or the ability to plug in a laptop, smartphone, or tablet. It’ll be like your kids never left home!

Contact Kirkland Nissan today to test out this interior yourself.

buy a new nissan rogue near seattle washingtonNissan Group announced its total sales for the calendar year last Wednesday, and (surprise surprise) the Rogue has once again clocked in as the pack-leader, surpassing every other car in the lineup. But how will this SUV remain at the top of the charts from here? Whether it’s the award-winning safety features or the sleek design, we’re not sure— so we’ll happily go into detail for both and let you decide!

First comes the myriad of intelligent mobility features, created to amplify your driving ability and enhance safety. For instance, the rear cross traffic alert is designed to sense and warn you of vehicles from up to 66 feet away. What’s more, the Rogue possesses can identify your lane, notifying you when you’ve left it and gently guiding you back in if you continue straying.

With the perfect blend of sharp edges and smooth contours, the new Nissan Rogue’s exterior is bound to leave a jaw-dropping impression. Its aggressive, angular V-shaped grille curves up the front of the car and joins the LED lights for a look that’s 100% attitude. From there, the sculpted exterior swoops past the 19” aluminum alloy wheels and standard heated mirrors towards the stylish and functional hatchback in the rear.

But we’ll stop gushing. Contact Kirkland Nissan to come see for yourself. 
buy a new nissan rogue sport near seattle washingtonIt’s beginning to look like crossovers have overcome the sedan in North America’s vehicle popularity contest. But what’s not to love? Able to safely handle the country and the city alike, these cars are designed to do it all. But imagine a sleek, elegantly designed automobile, able to also sense what you need (before you even know you need it), and you’ve got the 2017 Nissan Rogue Sport.

Sometimes a vehicle’s ability shines through in its appearance; if an automotive company spent a lot of time beautifying your ride, you can expect they put even more thought into everything else. As you’ll see, the Rogue Sport is no exception. With its stylish, sports car inspired design, this crossover not only slips through the air with aerodynamic finesse— but looks pretty incredible while it does it, too.

Automatic emergency braking comes standard on all trim levels and is able to detect both vehicles and pedestrians, intervening when necessary. What’s more, the Rogue Sport’s lane intervention system can pipe up when you’re 
straying out of bounds, and even gently guide you back if need be. Okay, one more cool thing and we’ll stop blabbing: with an available dimming feature, the rearview mirror automatically darkens to avoid nighttime headlight glare.

Want to learn more? Contact Kirkland Nissan today. 
If the Maxima has caught your attention, don’t pass up the opportunity to add one to your Seattle garage. The 2018 3.5 S variant is a superlative sedan, offering consumers top-of-its-class performance and safety that’s sure to please.

Vroom! This baby can fly. The 2018 Maxima 3.5 S comes standard with a highly capable 3.5L V6. It will send you rocketing along thanks to its tremendous 300 HP and 261-lb.-ft. of torque. Passing power is sensational—it moves from 50 to 70 MPH in only 3.8 seconds, a mark that sets it at the top of its segment. And mileage remains just peachy—you’ll average 21 city / 30 highway.

This Maxima is also a recipient of the IIHS 2018 Top Safety Pick. It received the highest score of “Good” on every crash test the body threw at it. This includes the “moderate overlap front,” “small overlap front,” “side,” “roof strength,” and “head restraints and seats” categories. Further, it even nabbed a “Superior” ranking for “front crash prevention.”

Call us at Kirkland Nissan to hear more about the Maxima’s merits!
Extreme payloads, high towing needs, difficult terrain and severe weather conditions – for some pickup truck drivers, only a V8 will do. 
But for others, a big engine is overkill. Instead of tackling the road less traveled, they weave in and out of city traffic, crowded downtown streets and quiet suburban neighborhoods. They are business owners, weekend warriors, professionals and parents. For them, a V6 powerplant offers more than enough performance.
But up until now, the Nissan Titan has only catered to the high needs pickup segment. That’s about to change. According to a recent WardsAuto report, the 2019 MY Nissan Titan will add a V6 variant to its line-up of engines.
Little is known about the type of engine that Nissan will offer, but industry insiders expect it will compete with other leading makes and models, like the Ford F-Series and Chevrolet Colorado. Both marquees feature V6 power under the hood and have strong sales to support the offering. Adding a V6 Titan will certainly shake-up the segment, giving consumers even more choice and alternatives than ever before.
As for now, official specs and details have yet to be revealed, but as soon as we have news to share, we’ll be sure to keep our Titan fans in the loop.
To learn more about the upcoming 2019 MY truck, contact us at Kirkland Nissan in Seattle, Washington, to speak with a sales associate.
Hey, Seattle! The 2018 Nissan LEAF is almost here—it’s due to arrive early this year—and it’s bringing smart technology along with it. ProPILOT Assist functionality is set to change the way you drive.

The all-electric, zero-emissions 2018 Nissan LEAF utilizes the aforementioned ProPILOT Assist’s driving functionality to advance the way Seattleites and those the world over commute.
Traffic Aware Cruise Control (TACC) detects cars traveling to the front of your vehicle once you pick a speed, and then intelligently adjusts your setting up or down as necessary to compensate for the automobiles around you.

TACC is superb, but that isn’t the only clever trick ProPILOT Assist has up its sleeve. Because it’s semi-autonomous, it will keep the LEAF centered within its lane when the feature is activated via the handy blue button on the steering wheel. And although Nissan still considers it a “hands-on” system, it will even handle stop-and-go traffic for you. What a boon for those dealing with pesky morning commutes!

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