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Awesome service
'These guys quickly narrowed down what I needed and within a couple of days I was driving away in the perfect truck and great price
Another amazing experience!!
A huge thank-you to Rob and his team, for once again going above and beyond the call of duty. I have recommended Rob Vanoverschot and KeyWest New Westminster to many friends and family already. From the amazing customer service, to the airport pickup, to the directions back home, I want to say thank-you from the bottom of my heart. You have made the whole buying experience a sensational one!! Even though we live in Prince George, we will only buy from KeyWest (and Rob) in the future. Highly recommended!!!
Very happy :)
Jag showed me a Ford C Max energi with amazing features and was super helpful with all of my questions. I also spoke with Nick who was very accommodating and all around helpful as well. I had a great experience going through this dealership and would definitely recommend it to others.
Perfect selsman jeff upton
I bought new car it was good experience working with JEFF UPTON he made sure to fine the best car the best price he helped me a lot with everything very good guy very friendly if someone looking too get nice car nice price Jeff is the man he is the best thank you again
No pressure, low stress experience, thank you Peter Olson
Thank you Peter Olson for making our purchase of a like new 2017 Jeep Renegade enjoyable! Peter provided answers to all our questions in an honest and genuine way, we were provided with a relaxed and comfortable test drive that allowed us to thouroughly check out our potential new vehicle. Throughout the process we never felt pressured or rushed! Once we made our decision we took the walk to the buisiness office where Michelle continued to make our experience positive, we were given information and options and Michelle worked with us to maximize our value and stay within our budget! Best experience buying a used car ever! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED,!
You are the best
Your service is excellent. I can see you're going to be a good leader. If i need another vehicle,I'll definitely come back to you.(sorry i click the wrong name,There are two Mikes.....)
Excellent service
They are very professionally knowledgable and good service! They have many inventory and it gave me lots option to select and I got my favorit truck!
Exactly what I was looking for
A brief description over text, of what I had in mind for my next car, that's all it took. The two cars Peter Olson showed me had all I expected and more. The price was surprisingly lower than I had found in ads online. There was no pressure on decision making, the salesman answered all my questions. After the second test drive, I knew that's my car. When all was done, I had 2 cars to drive home, and Peter arranged for someone to drive the second car for me. I am very happy about my one stop shop at Key West Ford.
Van Mom picked out.
Was impressed with quality of service with an over the phone/internet deal. All parties stepped up to the plate showing true integrity and honor. I appreciated how they accommodate my timeline and made this a simple transaction with no headaches. Immediately drive the vehicle up to Vanderhoof the following day without a hicup. Pleasure doing business with these folks and would highly recommend them anytime!!! 👍
Nissan Titan Consumer Reviews In Seattle, Tacoma, And Bellevue Washington
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new 2017 nissan titan xd for sale in tacoma washingtonIf your idea of a good day trip is heading on an off-road adventure, then there’s only one truck you should think about. The 2018 Nissan Titan XD PRO-4X is packed full of features which make it perfect for tackling the toughest trails.

The Titan XD comes with an electronic locking rear differential. This forces both of the back wheels to move together as though they were on a common shaft. When traction varies greatly between the left and right tire, this feature provides significantly more grip to the driver.

No matter how treacherous the path ahead seems, this model’s Bilstein off-road performance shocks will be up for the task. The same goes for the all-terrain tires which come as standard on the Titan.

Even if you encounter extreme gradient changes or deep ruts, the skid plates on this truck will keep its underbody protected. So you can tackle any route and be confident that this rugged machine will come out unscathed.

Adequate power is always essential on a tough trail. The Titan’s 5-liter V8 Endurance engine pumps out a hefty 555 lb.-ft of torque, ensuring instant progression when you put your foot down.

Contact Kirkland Nissan, Washington to book a test drive today!

new 2018 nissan titan xd for sale in kent washingtonTowing heavy-duty goods isn’t easy and can be an extremely stressful task: unless you’re driving the 2018 Nissan Titan XD SL. This truck is packed full of features which take the pain away from hauling a trailer.

The Titan XD’s 5-liter V8 diesel powerplant produces an eye-watering 555 lb.-ft of torque at just 1,600 rpm. Having so much grunt low in the rev range gives the driver instant acceleration when they put their foot down.

This monstrous engine also enables the Titan XD to tow up to 12,310 pounds when the truck is properly equipped. Even if you’re hauling something long, this model’s extendable trailer style mirrors will ensure you have a clear view of what’s happening behind you.

Getting ready to hit the road can be a grueling process if done alone. This truck's Trailer Light Check system means that one-man hook-up operations are a breeze. This feature guarantees the turn signals, as well as the front and rear lights, are working properly.

Out on the open road, the Titan XD’s Trailer Sway Control system ensures you’ll be able to drive with confidence no matter what you’re hauling. Even in poor weather conditions, this feature helps to keep your cargo in line with the truck.

Contact Kirkland Nissan, Washington to book a test drive today!

new 2018 nissan titan for sale in tacoma washingtonThe best vehicles slip seamlessly into your life, as though they'd always been there. They go on to make each day easier, almost like your own personal assistant. This is exactly how it feels once you take ownership of the 2018 Nissan Titan SL.

As you approach the Titan its doors will unlock via the remote keyless entry feature. You can then activate the memory seat function to adjust the heated leather captain’s chair and door mirrors to your pre-saved settings. This is especially useful if more than one person is going to drive the vehicle.

Once you’re comfortable, use the HomeLink system to open your garage door. Now you can fire up the Titan’s 5.6-liter V8 by pushing the engine start button. Just don’t get too carried away with the 390 horsepower and 394 lb.-ft of torque on tap when you hit the road.

The Hill Hold Control system gives you confidence on the steepest of inclines. This feature will apply the brakes while you move your foot to the accelerator pedal before driving away.

Make your life easier: contact Kirkland Nissan, Washington to book a test drive today!

new 2018 nissan titan for sale in marysville washingtonOne way to ensure your trip gets off to a bad start is to run out of cargo space before you’ve even left. If you’re driving the 2018 Nissan Titan SV, however, you can avoid this situation.

This model comes with a front folding split bench which allows it to seat up to six people. Even if the Titan is fully loaded, there'll still be plenty of room thanks to the 119.7 cubic feet of cabin space on offer.

If all six seats are filled, chances are there'll be plenty of luggage too. Thankfully you can throw whatever you need into the Titan’s 5.5-foot-long bed. This is the perfect vehicle to bring your family away on a weekend camping trip.

If there are only four people in the cabin, you can use both the front and rear center armrests. These units contain storage space and cup holders. When they're down, everyone feels like they have their own personal area in the Titan.

Like most people, you probably have plenty of electronic gizmos lying around. The driver, passenger, and rear door bins provide a home for your gadgets, ensuring that they stay safe.

Contact Kirkland Nissan, Washington to book a test drive today!

new 2018 nissan titan xd for sale in sumner washingtonWhen you get a heavy-duty truck, you want it to move the moon and stars. While those expectations might be a little out of reach, the 2018 Nissan Titan XD diesel model comes pretty close.

The secret to this truck's success is the 5-liter V8 diesel engine under its hood. This drivetrain pumps out an astonishing 310 horsepower and 555 lb.-ft of torque. It's hard to imagine a situation where this vehicle would be underpowered.

Maximum torque is found at just 1,600 rpm, so you’ll have incredible power as soon as you put your foot down. This is due to the two-stage turbocharger which reduces lag and ensures that the truck pulls strongly through the rev range.

When you take all this power and pair it with a fully boxed ladder chassis, you’ve got one sturdy machine. The Titan XD is capable of towing up to 12,310 pounds, meaning you can haul just about anything.

If you don’t want to hook up a trailer, you can throw whatever you need into the Titan XD’s 6.5-foot-long bed. This has a maximum payload capacity of 2,080 pounds, so is capable of managing the majority of your tasks.

Experience real power: contact Kirkland Nissan, Washington to book a test drive today!

new 2018 nissan titan for sale in marysville washingtonThe 2018 Nissan Titan Platinum Reserve dispels the myth that trucks aren’t good at low-speed maneuvers. This model is packed with features which give you confidence no matter how fast you’re driving.

The around view monitor enables users to see the Titan's entire perimeter. This feature uses three cameras to show you what’s happening near the vehicle via its front LCD screen.

If you miss anything, the blind spot sensor will alert you to objects which are getting dangerously close to the truck.

Have confidence in your vehicle: contact Kirkland Nissan, Washington to book a test drive today!

Let’s wrap our Titan-centric coverage this week with the sensational 2018 SL model. Nissan’s worked overtime to ensure that there is a bevy of comfort, convenience, and safety features for owners of this truck, and let us tell you, they’ve succeeded across the board.

This machine will delight you with its dual-zone front automatic air conditioning, ensuring that passengers on both sides of the cabin are taken care of. The memory function on the front driver’s seat helps you get back into your preferred position at the drop of a hat. Also, the door mirrors and steering wheel recall your settings, too.

The 2018 Nissan Titan SL steps up by offering a remote engine start feature, ensuring that you can get the machine warmed up prior to stepping outside your home or office. The blind-spot warning sensor comes through for you as you begin your journey, too; it will beep if another motorist approaches from either side.

Call us at Kirkland Nissan now to learn more about the 2018 Titan SL! We’ll hook you up with a test drive at your convenience.
The Titan is a tremendous vehicle and we want to take a little time this weekend to speak with you on its many merits. Take, for example, the 2018 Titan XD model. It has tons of room to accommodate passengers but also doubles as a wonderful workhorse to get day-to-day chores done. Let’s take a closer look!

The 2018 Nissan Titan XD is large and in charge, Kirkland! Your passengers are going to love its roominess. It boasts 60.3 inches of hip room and 38.5 inches of legroom in the second row. If you’re seated in the front, you’ll enjoy 41 inches of headroom; those in the back still receive 40.4 inches. No one’s going to feel “packed in!”

This pickup is awesome for cargo, too—it isn’t just a people-pleaser. It comes with a 6.5-foot-long bed. The result is ample space to store luggage, lumber, hardware, and more. Plus, the 2,080-pound payload capacity ensures you always have enough “oomph” to handle any job. 

Call us at Kirkland Nissan now to learn more about the 2018 Titan XD!
Power, performance, and overall sophistication—that’s the 2018 Titan SV in a nutshell. It delivers in a big way thanks to its superlative engine and a host of advanced technologies that result in a machine that’s quite an anomaly—and we mean that in a good way.

This pickup comes with a 5.6L Endurance V8 engine that kicks out 390 HP at 5,800 RPM and 394 lb.-ft of torque at 4,000 RPM. Thanks to an easy to operate seven-speed automatic transmission, this machine is fun and simple to drive… although when you hammer down the accelerator, get ready to really go!

The 2018 Nissan Titan SV comes with a 5.5-foot-long truck bed for easy storage of items. Payload capacity is big-time—1,610 pounds, in fact. And because this is a heavy-duty truck, you’ll be able to pull up to 9,390 pounds. All the same, you’ll still average a relatively generous 21 MPG on average on the highway. Awesome, right?

Call us at Kirkland Nissan now to learn more about the 2018 Titan SV! We’d love to give you a full walkthrough.
new 2018 nissan titan for sale in tacoma washingtonThe vehicle you drive should make you feel as though you're sitting in your favorite chair on a Sunday afternoon. In fact, the 2018 Nissan Titan Platinum Reserve is such an enjoyable place to be, you might find yourself taking the long way home from work.

All the chairs in this truck are wrapped in premium leather seat trim. So, whether you’re sitting up front or at the back, you’ll be cozy.

At the front, there are two heated and cooled captain’s chairs. This model also comes with an automatic temperature control system and dual-zone air conditioning. All of these features work together to create the perfect personal environment for you and put an end to arguments over the cabin being too warm or cold.

Ultimately, it’s the person behind the steering wheel who needs the most stress relief. The engineers at Nissan know this and made the driver’s chair 8-way power adjustable, so you can always find the position that's right for you.

Thanks to the memory seat function which adjusts the chair and door mirrors to your pre-saved settings, the Titan always feels just right.

Change the way you see your commute: contact Kirkland Nissan, Washington to book a test drive today.

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