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New lease vehicle - amazing experience!
Huge thanks to the team at Key West Ford! This is my second lease (first one 4 years ago) and they knocked it out of the park again. Really easy to deal with & no BS, just really straightforward and honest. Being a single female this type of purchase can easily be intimidating and/or difficult but Peter Olson and the team (Mike & Michelle) made it seamless and left me feeling confident about my purchase. Thank you!
Great place
Bought a Ford Escape Titanium and was one of the best car buying experiences I have had. At 72 years old I have had a few. Great dealership, was never under any pressure to buy or make a deal, Peter Olson was very knowledgable on the vehicles I was looking at and Wes Upton was great to deal with. It was friendly and quickly finalized. All in all a totally super place to deal with.
Repeat Customer
My wife and I have now each bought 2 cars each from Key West in the last 9 years. Great experience dealing with this dealership.
Fantastic charismatic no pressure
Allan sold me a gently used honda the other day. This guy really wants everyone to be happy and comfortable. I felt he was totally looking out for my best interest and and he went way out of his way to do so from the umbrellas (cause it was raining) to the hot coffee to warm us up.. as well as getting me a really good deal on my car with minimal haggling. He really wants you to have the car at the best deal possible and I was more than happy with his service.. when I was ready to except the deal..he said "I'll get you out of here and driving your new car in 45 mins"!! .. and sure enough I was out of there 45 minutes later I was on my way home. It was a real pleasure dealing with Allan and I hope hes around next time I wanna upgrade.
No xxxxxxxx salestalk. It's a very welcoming place and the salesmen (Peter & Lino) were simply the best. My buying experience is as smooth as it should be...
Key West Ford
this is not my first visit here &’that’s because of the excellent service!! I would highly recommend a visit here before going elsewhere for your vehicle!!
The best choice
When I told Alan what I want and what was my financial condition he introduced me the best fit. A beautiful Mustang that I am extremely happy with . You can trust Alan.
Best sales experience with Peter Olson ever!
Peter Olson is the best sales person we have ever dealt with!He gave us all the information required to make a knowing decision on our vehicle. He did not have the vehicle we were looking for at first within our price range and kilometres. He kept us in the loop while he searched and found us our 2017 Ford Escape SE AWD which we love. It took weeks to find us what we were looking for but it was worth the wait! We would not hesitate to recommend Peter Olson to our friends, family, and anyone who reads this. He is very honest and went above and beyond for us. Top Shelf!
Great Service
Great Customer Service by Peter Olson. Went extra mile to help. And Nick at Finance was also friendly, fast and efficient! Family has been going there for years.
News for New and Used Nissan Titan Trucks
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2018 nissan titan xd sl for sale kent washingtonHave you been trying to find the perfect new truck? Something with amenities that will impress your friends and make heads turn everywhere you go? Well, look no further than the 2018 Nissan Titan XD SL. It boasts a powerful 5.6-liter V8 engine mated to an automatic transmission, so it’s perfect for taking care of yard work and hauling firewood once the snow starts to fly. It even has a 2,560-pound maximum payload, so you won’t need to limit yourself.

A review by Car and Driver was very impressed with the strength behind this pickup, as well as its many amenities. These include SiriusXM radio and NissanConnect, so you’ll always be able to stay in touch and entertained. In addition, front dual-zone air conditioning and a powerful heater keep everyone onboard comfortable at all times.

Concerned about safety in the snow? You’ll love this vehicle’s rear window defroster, variable speed intermittent wipers, and full suite of airbags. Even better are traction control and anti-roll bars in the front and back of the truck, ready to protect you if the worst should occur.

Hurry in to Kirkland Nissan near Kent, Washington today and take a test drive of this wonderful pickup!

2017 nissan titan xd for sale kirkland washingtonYou love trucks, and you have been dreaming of a new one to fill the empty space in your garage or driveway. The market is flooded with shiny choices, all beckoning you to buy. Fortunately, when it comes to great vehicles, Nissan can be trusted. In fact, the Titan lineup is one of the best out there.

Take the 2017 Nissan Titan XD, for instance. Packed full of amenities that will keep you safe and comfortable, this is a high-end vehicle that still gives you the raw power you expect from a truck. You’ll love things like its all-leather steering wheel and seats, perfect for making you feel like you’re in a luxurious automobile. When the weather is cool, you and all of your passengers can stay comfortable at the same time, thanks to multi-zone air conditioning. Do you like to listen to music while you’re out and about? You’ll love having both a CD and mp3 player, as well as smart device integration and Bluetooth connectivity.

A full suite of airbags, a front anti-roll bar, and speed sensing steering are just some of the features that will safeguard your well-being while you’re in the pickup. Brake assist and traction control also go a long way in bad weather towards keeping you safe.

A reviewer from Edmunds raved about how comfortable this amazing truck is. You’re sure to love it, too! Hurry in to Kirkland Nissan in Kirkland, Washington, and take a test drive today! 
2018 nissan titan sv for sale kirkland washingtonIf you’ve been hoping to find a wonderful pickup truck, you’ve come to the right place. The entire Nissan Titan lineup is well worth a look, thanks to their impressive power and fabulous amenities.

How about this 2018 Nissan Titan SV? In a stunning and unique dark java color, it’s sure to turn heads wherever you go. It’s a seven-speed automatic transmission vehicle, which makes it enjoyable to drive and allows you to focus on the road ahead.

It’s filled to the brim with amenities, like SiriusXM radio and NissanConnect. You should be able to stay in touch and entertained no matter where you go, thanks to these features. A reviewer from Edmunds called this vehicle very likable, appreciating how comfortable and versatile it was.

Best of all, it’s great to drive. Alloy wheels that are 18 by 8 help you navigate rough terrain, and galvanized steel and aluminum exterior panels are more than capable of lasting for many years to come. You’ll also appreciate the truck’s gas-pressurized shock absorbers and excellent suspension system, which boasts coil springs.

Hurry in to Kirkland Nissan in the Burien, Washington, area and take a test drive today! You’re sure to be impressed by this pickup!

2017 nissan titan xd pro-4x for sale kirkland washingtonAre you in the market for a new truck? If you’re looking for a fabulous pickup that has plenty of amenities and won’t break the bank, you should check out the 2017 Nissan Titan XD Pro-4X. It is a fabulous choice, because it’s large, powerful, and extremely high-tech.

The vehicle is turbocharged for extra driving enjoyment. In addition, it has four-wheel drive, making it ideal for any weather. Power steering and limited/locking slip differential help you if you’re driving with ice or snow on the road. It’s built on a 5.0-liter, V8 turbo diesel engine and provides a 1,740-pound maximum payload. That means you can bring all of your gear with you wherever you go.

The Titan XD Pro-4X is filled to the brim with amenities, including a navigation system to help you get around. In addition, it has a powerful six-speaker audio system and SiriusXM radio. You’ll also appreciate that it includes NissanConnect, so it’s easy to stay in touch.

Car and Driver loved this pickup, and you certainly will, too. If you want to take it for a test drive, hurry
in to Kirkland Nissan. We are located near Edmonds, Washington, and we can’t wait to get you set up in your new vehicle!

2018 nissan titan xd sv for sale lynnwood kent washingtonHave you been looking for a powerful new pickup truck? If you’ve been disappointed by what you’ve found so far, take heart. The 2018 Nissan Titan XD SV is powerful, safe, and filled with features that will keep you happy no matter where you are driving. Stop by and take it for a spin today!

This particular model comes with a special paint in pearl white, which is very visually appealing. Thanks to that and the inclusion of silver-styled steel wheels and painted alloy hubcaps, the truck is sure to turn heads no matter where you roam. In addition, LED under-rail bed lighting is both helpful and a cool look.

Stay comfortable in the Nissan, thanks to heated captain’s seats with 8-way adjustable lumbar support. Remain safe, too, with a blind spot warning and rear cross-traffic alert.

The truck has a 5.6-liter V8 engine mated to a six-speed automatic transmission. This model comes with both the SV Convenience and SV Utility packages, and it boasts a 2,560-pound maximum payload. Car and Driver loved the power behind the truck, unique in a sea of similar vehicles.

Stop by our Kirkland Nissan dealership the next time you’re in the Lynnwood, Washington, area and take a test drive of this fabulous truck!

2018 nissan titan sl for sale kirkland nissanYou work hard. You need a truck that can do the same. Whether you are a landscaper, construction foreman, or delivery person, your vehicle needs to be powerful, spacious, and safe. In addition, you expect that it will contain a variety of high-end amenities that can keep you comfortable while you’re running errands or out and about.

The 2018 Nissan Titan SL might be just what you’re looking for. Features you’ll love include a 12-speaker sound system, which can keep you entertained in high style while you’re on the road. In addition, between a CD player, Nissan Connect, and Sirius XM radio, there’s no shortage of ways to play your music. Thanks to navigation capabilities, you’ll always be able to find your way. If you might occasionally have passengers, you’ll also appreciate dual-zone air conditioning so that all can stay comfortable.

The truck is built on a 390-horsepower engine and is mated to a seven-speed automatic transmission. Have a lot to haul? You’ll love that you can fit 9,740 pounds of gear in the pickup.

Car and Driver loved its capacity, and we think you will, too. Hurry
in to Kirkland Nissan near Renton, Washington, today and take the 2018 Titan SL for a test drive!
2017 nissan titan sv for sale renton washingtonIs it time for a new truck? If you find yourself staring at other pickups while you’re out and about, enviously wishing that they could be yours, it might be the right moment to start shopping. When you do begin to search, you should start (and end) with Nissan.

The automaker knows about great vehicles, and it puts all of its heart and soul into its trucks. Take the 2017 Nissan Titan SV, for instance. In cayenne red, this model is aesthetically pleasing and filled to the brim with all the amenities you crave. It has a real zest for life that you can’t possibly miss when you’re driving it around.

The Nissan starts strong with a 32-valve V8 engine that is able to provide 390 horsepower at 5,800 rpm and 394 lb-ft of torque at 4,000 rpm. That’s sure to make you feel alive!

Amenities include an mp3 and CD player and AM/FM stereo. Each morning, you’ll be grateful that you got a pickup with keyless entry and push-button ignition. Especially in the winter time, it’s nice to get going (and warm) just a little bit faster once you’ve stepped outside. In addition, when the snow flies, heated mirrors and all-season tires are great at protecting you.

Car and Driver loved the truck and you will, too. Stop by your Kirkland Nissan dealer in Bothell, Washington, today and take a test drive!

2018 nissan titan sv for sale kirkland washingtonDo you desperately need a new pickup? Maybe it’s been many years since you upgraded and you’re hoping to find something with the amenities you crave. After all, trucks are about more than just brute strength. You want to be able to connect with family and friends, listen to your music, and feel safe when you’re out on the road.

If this rings a bell with you, check out the 2018 Nissan Titan SV. In a stunning color called “magnetic black,” this vehicle is sure to turn heads. In addition, it’s filled to the brim with features, including NissanConnect and SiriusXM capabilities. Thanks to this, you can stay in touch and entertained wherever you roam. A radio data system will always keep you updated on song titles and artists. How frustrating is it when you have to wait until you get home to look something up that you heard?

You’ll also certainly appreciate amenities like keyless entry, which makes getting going each morning much easier. Speed-sensing steering lets you set a particular pace and stick to it, helpful for long drives.

Want to own the pickup that U.S. News and World Report raved about for its luxury? Hurry
in to Kirkland Nissan near Bothell, Washington, and take a test drive today! 
2017 nissan titan sv for sale kirkland washingtonDo you need a new truck before winter sets in? Something that can help you out with fall projects around the house but also has the power and features to keep you safe once the snow starts to fly? If so, you should consider the 2017 Nissan Titan SV. This pickup has a lot to offer!

In a beautiful exterior color called brilliant silver, the truck looks both classy and strong. Its interior is trimmed in black, which is great for hiding dirt. After all, you’ll be using the vehicle for more than just joyrides. When you’re hard at work, stay entertained, thanks to its six speakers, SiriusXM 
and AM/FM radio. You’ll also have the ability to link your phone to the pickup via Bluetooth, which will mean you can listen to any songs that you want to.

A review by Car and Driver was very impressed with the Titan SV, giving it high praise for its cargo and hauling abilities. In fact, with its rear seats folded, the Nissan can accommodate up to 19 pieces of carry-on luggage. Its bed is huge, too, at 8.2 feet long.

Does this sound like the perfect vehicle for you? If so, stop by Kirkland Nissan near Kent, Washington, and take a test drive today! 
2018 nissan titan xd sv for sale kent washingtonAre you looking for a great new truck? Something that has power, finesse, and the ability to carry anything you require? You should definitely stop by our Renton, Washington, showroom and take a test drive of the 2018 Nissan Titan XD SV.

In an exciting cayenne red color, this truck is one that you shouldn’t pass up. With a guttural diesel engine, the pickup is sure to excite you. It’s built on a 5.6-liter V8 base and an automatic transmission. You’ll appreciate its 2,560-pound maximum 
payload, since it allows you to carry everything that you wish to.

For those days when you feel more like having a classier experience, there are a number of impressive amenities in the Titan XD SV. You will love the fact that it includes 
intelligent key, a universal garage door opener, and a leather-wrapped steering wheel. For your comfort, it boasts front captain’s seats with 8-way adjustable lumbar support. You’ll stay feeling good throughout your ride. A touchscreen display connects you to your contacts, maps, and music. SiriusXM radio makes it easy to stay entertained, too.

Car and Driver reviewers were extremely impressed by the 2018 Titan XD SV. Stop by Kirkland Nissan near Kent, Washington today and take it for a spin!

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