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Jag was super help full and well knowable of the cars he did great job to explain everything and at the end help to set up Bluetooth and navigation system I am really thankful to Jag for this experience Great service and for sure will come back afin
Great sales and communication
I bought a used 2016 mustang gt just recently from Lino. He was very helpful, friendly and answered all my questions. I also spoke in great length with Michael Nokes the sales manager. He was easy to get along with and a general overall nice guy. I would definitely recommend key west ford to anyone looking for a brand new or used ford. Lino didn’t pressure me into buying that first day I arrived. You will feel comfortable dealing with him and Michael nokes.
Excellent service and follow through
We were window shopping for a new vehicle in the near future. Tom showed us exactly what we wanted and made the deal happen today. We are exceptionally happy with his service and would recommend friends and family go see him at Key West Ford!
Very helpful, knowledgeable staff that made it easy to decide on a vehicle. We are happy with the experience and would definitely recommend this dealership.
Best attention to my needs & very respectful 😊
Jag and the team are very hospitable. They all made me feel as tho’ I was their guest. I was lucky that they had exactly what I needed in the lot and I was given the best deal I could have hoped for. Thank you, Jag !
Very good
We went to the dealership and found a car we liked, our dealer was Jag Dhillon and he sold me an amazing car and we were able to negotiate a good price. Would recommend
Got a great 2018 F150
Very happy to deal with Jag. Got a new F150 at a great deal and he was able to close the deal within minutes. The truck was courtesy detailed and he made sure I had no questions before I left the dealership. Would deal with the dealership again in the future.
Fantastic deal and service on purchasing used vehicle
I was looking for good quality used car for my daughter who is attending University. Found car that she liked in excellent condition at Key West Ford dealership in New Westminster. Received fantastic deal from Jag who followed through with a minor servicing item before delivery. Jag was courteous to our family and pleasure to deal with. We appreciated keeping us apprised of detail and items through follow up. Great and friendly dealership of which I would strongly recommend to anyone looking for a car to purchase.
No pessure!
Was a nice day a good deal and will go back in the near for another good deal! Had a nice follow up and much liked. Murray and Judy foley
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2016 nissan leaf s for sale in kirkland washingtonWhen it comes to eco-friendly vehicles, no one does it better than Nissan. Our engineers work tirelessly to stay on the cutting edge of innovative technology to help reduce carbon dioxide emissions. You can see the effort that has been put forth in the 2016 Nissan Leaf S. This handy hatchback is constantly being improved upon with better energy storage and a longer driving range.

An 80-kW electric motor paired with a 24 kWh lithium-ion battery pack powers this model. It produces 107 hp and 187 pound-feet of torque and can run for 84 miles. With the 3.6 kW cable, it takes approximately eight hours to get a full charge. By folding the back seats down, you can expand the cargo capacity to 30 cubic ft.

The base S trim level includes 16-inch steel wheels and heated side mirrors that are optimal during the cold winter months. The cabin boasts advanced electronics such as Bluetooth for hands-free calling. The infotainment interface and rearview camera are both displayed on a 5-in monitor. You can listen to music via satellite radio, the CD player, or the auxiliary jack.

Contact our dealership in Kirkland, Washington to schedule a test drive in a pre-owned Leaf today!
2016 nissan leaf sv for sale in seattle washingtonIf you live close to your place of work and need an energy-efficient vehicle, consider the 2016 Nissan Leaf SV. This fully electric car has the longest driving range (107 miles) in its class. With the push to reduce carbon dioxide emissions over the recent years, more people are turning to environmentally-friendly automobiles.

Powered by an 80-kW electric motor that is fed by a 30 kWh lithium-ion battery pack, the Leaf generates 107 hp and 187 pound-feet of torque. A 6.6 kW charging cable is included and can replenish the power reserves in about five hours. In acceleration tests conducted by experts at Edmunds, it went from zero to 60 mph in 10.2 seconds.

The SV trim level adds 17-inch alloy wheels and heated side mirrors that are beneficial during the winter months. The cabin features recycled cloth upholstery and a leather-wrapped steering wheel. NissanConnect operates on a 7-in touchscreen display and has Bluetooth capabilities for hands-free calling. You can also find your way around the city with the help of the navigation system. 

Want to try one out for yourself? Contact Kirkland Nissan in Seattle, Washington to schedule a test drive in a pre-owned Leaf today!
2016 nissan leaf sl for sale in seattle washingtonWhen it comes to electric cars, the 2016 Nissan Leaf SL remains at the top of the list. Its reliability and affordability make this hatchback an ideal choice for commuters and people living in the big city.

Powered by an 80-kW electric motor that is coupled with a 30 kWh lithium-ion battery pack, the Leaf produces 107 horsepower and 187 pound-feet of torque. Its range has been greatly improved. It can now go for 107 miles, as opposed to 84-mi in older models. For quick charging, you may use the 6.6-kW cable with any 240-volt outlet. 

The top-of-the-line SL trim level adds LED headlights and a solar panel that has been mounted on the rear spoiler. The energy stored from this device helps to power the electronic features in the vehicle. The cabin is outfitted with leather upholstery, and the front seats are heated to keep you warm in the winter. One of the main safety options is the 360-degree parking camera system. This helps you back out without bumping into anything.

Come try one out for yourself! Get in touch with Kirkland Nissan in Seattle, Washington to schedule a test drive in a pre-owned Leaf today.

2016 nissan leaf sl for sale in kirkland washingtonWhen it comes to breaking stereotypes in the auto industry, no other car does it better than the 2016 Nissan Leaf SL. This eco-friendly sedan is the first fully electric vehicle with a range of 107 miles. That’s 27% more than it’s former versions, which only drove for 84-mi.

Powered by an 80-kW motor paired with a 30 kWh lithium-ion battery pack, the Leaf generates 107 horsepower and 187 pound-feet of torque. It can even go from zero to 60 mph in just 10.2 second, which is more than adequate for its class.

The top-of-the-line SL trim level adds LED headlights and solar panels that have been mounted on the rear spoiler. This extra boost of energy helps the vehicle’s accessories function properly without draining the battery. For quick charging, a 6.6-kW cable is also included. It can have you back up to 80 percent within 30 minutes.

According to Edmunds, heated, leather seats throughout the cabin keep everyone cozy during the winter months.

Want to take one for a spin? Get in touch with Kirkland Nissan in Seattle, Washington to schedule a test drive in a pre-owned Leaf today!

2016 nissan leaf s for sale in seattle washingtonGoing green never looked so good! The 2016 Nissan Leaf S has become the face of environmentally-friendly cars in America. If you are looking for a way to help save the planet and your wallet, it’s definitely worth taking a peek at this eco-warrior.

Equipped with an 80-kW electric motor that is powered by a 24 kWh lithium-ion battery, this nifty sedan generates 107 horsepower and 187 pound-feet of torque. You can drive for up to 84 miles on a single charge. If you live near your work, it's the best daily driver.

The base S trim level includes a 3.6 kW onboard cable that is compatible with any 120V outlet. Within 8 hours, you will have a full charge. Equipped with 16-inch steel wheels and heated mirrors, it’s a great option for the Pacific Northwest region. According to Edmunds, heated front seats keep you warm and cozy throughout the winter months. 

NissanConnect and a rearview camera are both displayed on a 5-in touchscreen. Bluetooth connectivity enables hands-free calling, and automatic climate control keeps all occupants at a suitable temperature.

Contact Kirkland Nissan in Seattle, Washington to schedule a test drive in a pre-owned Leaf today!

Seattle, there’s a different way to drive. We’re all familiar with hybrid technology by now, but when it comes to true all-electric vehicles, it’s not just the uber-expensive Tesla that’s offering America a glimpse of the future. Instead, it’s Nissan that’s stepped up to the plate to provide consumers with EV magnificence. Case in point? The 2016 LEAF SV.

The beating heart of the 2016 LEAF SV is undeniably its all-electric motor with 30-kWh lithium-ion battery. It produces 107 horses and 187-lb.-ft. of torque—absolutely no gasoline or conventional fuel required. And while you’ll certainly be doing your planet a favor by driving this car, you’ll also be helping yourself. The setup achieves an average MPGe rating of 124 city / 101 highway. Wow!

This is a nicely outfitted EV, as well. The front seats keep you toasty in the fall and winter with their heated functionality. SiriusXM AM/FM/HD/Satellite radio is on-hand to delight with an awesome range of entertainment options, but more importantly, the GPS navigation system always makes sure you know where you’re going.

Swing by Kirkland Nissan in Seattle now to try out this EV for yourself!
2016 nissan leaf for sale in seattle washingtonIf you are looking for a versatile electric vehicle that won’t break the bank, think about the 2016 Nissan Leaf SV. After six years of being in production, this popular "green" car has undergone a few key changes to make it stand out in the market.

The SV trim level comes equipped with an 80-kW electric motor that generates 107 horsepower and 187 pound-feet of torque. Powered by a 30 kWh lithium-ion battery pack, the Leaf can travel for up to 107 miles on a full charge, which is 27% more than previous versions. Standard features include 17-inch steel wheels and a 6.6 kW onboard charger with a quick-charge port for refilling up to 80% of the battery in as little as 30 minutes. Nissan Connect EV telematics remotely monitors this process.

Keyless ignition/entry, cruise control, and a rearview camera simplify driving and backing out. The interior has been improved with a heated steering wheel, cloth upholstery seats, and a six-speaker sound system with an auxiliary audio jack for listening to your favorite playlist. According to Edmunds, the navigation program operates with a 7-inch touchscreen so that you will never be lost. 

To schedule a test drive in a pre-owned Leaf, contact Kirkland Nissan in Seattle, Washington today.

In case you’re not already familiar, Seattle, the LEAF is Nissan’s amazing all-electric wonder car that is changing the way people drive the world over. And the 2016 SV model remains a fantastic choice for anyone looking for a stellar cruising experience without wishing to pay the premiums associated with a brand new automobile.

Take, for example, the 2016 LEAF SV’s performance. Under the hood, there’s a 30-kWh lithium-ion battery that offers tremendous electric output. It generates 107 horses and 187-lb.-ft. of torque. And fuel efficiency is absolutely nuts. The car nabs a stellar MPGe average rating of 124 city / 101 highway. Hard to wrap your head around, huh?

The zero-emissions nature of the 2016 LEAF SV isn’t the only thing this vehicle has going for it. As you start it up, you can heat the front seats to ensure you’re comfortable even in the dead of winter. A SiriusXM AM/FM/HD/Satellite unit gives you all the incredible entertainment options you could hope for. And the GPS navigation system safeguards you against making any wrong left turns.

Roll into our Kirkland Nissan lot today to test out the 2016 LEAF SV for yourself!
Seeing that the Nissan Leaf is one of the best-selling all-electric vehicles in North America, it has a strong following of loyalists that choose this plug-in for its zero gas emissions. And it’s not just environmentalists and budget-conscious drivers that love the Leaf, but tech enthusiasts too. Afterall, the Leaf comes loaded with a host of in-demand technology, making it the most efficient and forward-thinking vehicle of its kind. 
To show you what we mean, let’s take a closer look at the 2016 Leaf SV, which is available for purchase on our preowned lot at Kirkland Nissan in Seattle, Washington.
The SV is a mid-range trim in the 2016 Leaf line-up, sandwiched in between the base S and the top-of-the-line SL. Off the lot, it comes well-equipped with the usual list of standard features, like a six-way manual driver's seat, four-way manual front passenger's seat, trip computer, automatic temperature control, RearView Monitor, and Nissan Intelligent Key with Push Button Start.
But where the SV shines is its list of includes upgrades, which are not offered on the base model – like the addition of a 30 kWh battery and 6.6 kW onboard charger. With these high-tech add-ons, you can drive 107 miles on a single charge in the SV (compared to the S’s 24 kWh battery’s 84-mile range) and juice up the battery in less time too. And in an age where time is of the essence, the Nissan Leaf sure does rise to the occasion.
The 2016 Leaf SV also comes equipped with NissanConnect with Navigation and Mobile Apps, which helps Seattle area drivers stay on course and in touch while on-the-go. There’s also NissanConnect EV, which provides a remote connection to the vehicle, allowing drivers to monitor the battery’s status, charge the EV and even turn on the HVAC system. A 7.0-inch color display with multi-touch control, six-speaker audio system, and hybrid heater system, which provides superior cold weather performance while consuming less energy, complete the SV’s list of high-tech features.
Like what you see? If so, contact our dealership today to schedule your test drive in a preowned 2016 Leaf SV.
Tis the season for crowded car parks and busy side streets. Maneuvering your way in and out of tight garages or parallel parking in the city is downright frightful. Don’t you wish you had a vehicle that took the pain out of parking? The 2016 Nissan Leaf SV can!
This preowned EV comes available with Nissan’s Around View Monitor, which is a unique support technology that helps drivers park more easily by better understanding their vehicle’s surroundings through a virtual bird’s-eye view. It features four wide-angle cameras set up on the front, back, left and right corners of the Leaf, providing a full 360-degree panorama.
This video explains more:

Now, not only can you do your holiday shopping with zero emissions, but parking is a breeze since the Leaf’s Around View Monitor does all the neck bending and twisting for you. Sounds like the perfect companion to take to the mall, doesn’t it?
To learn more about owning a used 2016 Leaf SV, contact us at Kirkland Nissan in Seattle, Washington to schedule a test drive. We have many great models in stock, offering some of the best prices in the PNW.
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