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Excellent Service
We are very happy with the service and support we have received from Robert. We had a lot of questions and needed some extra support with our new Mustang, and Robert was patient, knowledgeable, and efficient, doing whatever it took to make up happy. The whole team at Key West, including Nicholas Terezakis who handled our warranty purchases, have been great to deal with. We were in good hands. Thanks everyone!
Excellent experience
Great customer service. Every single person who was involved in our new car purchase did a top notch job. Super professional and friendly team.Highly recommended this dealership. Allen was helping us to get the best deal possible on our purchase. Thank you again for all the help
Great experience!
I had a very good experience dealing with everyone involved at Key West Ford and would recommend them. They were very professional and made the whole process enjoyable!
Happy customer
My second deal with them.Excellent customer service.Very professional.They took care of everything.Even for finance not a single issue.Thamk you again guys.Enjoying my new ride😉
Above & Beyond
This fellow is one of a kind. In all my life I’ve never had a good experience at a car dealership until I went to Key West Ford. What an amazing group of people. My focus titanium(2017) is the second purchase that I’ve made off Michael both experiences were something to write home about. Whether you’re in the market for a Ford or any other kind of vehicle please do yourself a favour and check out the great people at Key West Ford.
Helped me find the car I want
This is my first car purchase. When I came to here, I didn't have a clear idea on what car I shall buy. Allan showed me around on several probable ways to buy my first car. The next day, he also found another car that suit my current need. As I am new to Canada, there are a lot of differences on law, rules and regulations from the country I was in. Allan provided useful information on all of them and helped me get to a purchase solution that can fit into my short term and long term plan. Now I have used the car for some time and everything seems good :)
2017 F150 supercrew
Great pricing, very helpful. I'm from out of town and was on a tight schedule. Jag and the rest of the folks at key west were sensitive to my time constraints and had my truck ready for delivery with no hiccups.
Exellent experience.
We had a small car budget in mind and after talking it over and trying various model we settled for something newer than expected without breaking the bank. Very happy with my purchase and recommend to anyone looking for a used or new car to start at key West Ford.
Great experience buying my 1st Ford
I knew I wanted an Escape and had been shopping online for a few months. I found the vehicle I wanted and made an appointment for a test drive. It happened to be a Key West Ford. I made the appointment online and Jag reached out to me very quickly to set it up. Jag was very friendly and talkative but certainly not pushy or how you've been trained to think of a used car salesperson. He answered my questions and was generally a nice guy to chat with. I mentioned very early on what I was looking for but that I wasn't going to making a purchase that day. Even though he knew I wasn't buying he still wanted to make sure I knew everything I could about the vehicle I'd driven as well as anything else I might be looking into a vehicle for. I took his card when I left and made darn sure to get in touch with him once I'd made my decision. I got a great deal from Jag and Key West Ford and would recommend you going to talk to him if you're on the fence about a new Ford.
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best price on a 2016 nissan versa note in seattle washingtonAs you slog along Seattle's congested highways, you can feel your patience running thin. Your ears ring with a cacophony of sounds as angry drivers lay on their horns, emergency vehicles scream by, and your kids - well, there are no words for their backseat behavior
Commuting is wearing on you and your family. Allow a 2016 Nissan Versa Note S to re-invigorate your drive! This preowned compact features many comfort and convenience inclusions that are sure to quell any ounce of on-road angst.
Anchoring the Versa Note's center console is a four-speaker AM/FM audio system, which comes equipped with CD and AUX capabilities. As your children's tolerance for being in the car starts to wane, queue up their favorite tunes - they'll be out of their funk in no time.
Not working? Need to call in back-up? The 2016 Versa Note S has you covered. Standard on this trim is a Bluetooth Hands-free Phone System, which can connect you to your spouse in mere seconds - all without taking your eyes off the road, or worse, having to pull over.
And just as you re-establish a calm cabin, someone is hungry or thirsty. Good thing the Versa Note comes equipped with nooks and crannies of all sizes to store snacks, like in the door pockets or the glovebox. There are also four cupholders with additional bottle holders in the front door. With everyone hydrated and content, you'll be able to tackle the last leg of your commute with ease. You've got this!
Want to sample the 2016 Versa Note S features for yourself? Call us at Kirkland Nissan to schedule a test drive.
If you're in the market for a sub-compact that offers economical transportation, a 2016 Versa Note S is worth a test drive. We have a preowned hatchback available for sale at Kirkland Nissan and it's priced right under $15K.
The Versa Note is powered by a 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine, mated to a five-speed manual transmission, which outputs 109 horsepower and 107 lb-ft of torque. Seattle area commuters love this powerplant because it's efficiency and cheap to fill, earning an EPA rating of 31 mpg in the city and a whopping 40 mpg on the highway. That's almost as good as a hybrid or plug-in vehicle, but without the fuss of daily charging or worrying about your range.
As for its driving dynamics, the 2016 Versa Note S gets top marks for its comfortable ride, peppy engine and roomy interior that can accommodate up to four adults without any trouble. And thanks to its small size, it's ideal for Seattle urbanites looking for a vehicle with a tight turning radius and light steering.
Inside, the S trim comes decently equipped with non-frilly features that keep ownership costs low. This includes four-way adjustable front bucket seats, Fine Vision instrumentation, AM/FM/CD/AUX-in audio system with four speakers, 12-volt power outlet, front door pockets with bottle holders, dual front and rear cupholders, and a front passenger seatback pocket.
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For the price, you really can't go wrong! To learn more about the 2016 Versa Note S, contact us at Kirkland Nissan in Seattle, Washington to schedule your test drive.
Precision proves a rarity on the Seattle roadways - with drivers forever struggling to navigate sharp turns and unforgiving corners, trying in vain to counter the surge of foul weather that seems to follow every hour. Even the simplest of journeys can end in frustration.

With the release of the 2016 Versa Note S, Nissan seeks to offer relief. This hatchback has been fused with advanced mobility functions - each meant to enhance responses and improve performance. Learn to trust the highway again.

Anchoring the 2016 Versa Note S is a robust front-wheel-drive - which utilizes both torsion beam suspension and rugged steel wheels to navigate the roads. Electronic stability and traction control maintains optimal grippage while cornering, effortlessly displacing torque to reduce the chance of over-steerage; while power rack-and-pinion steering delivers smooth handling. The braking system (which boasts front disc and rear drum systems) pairs perfectly with ABS technology, instantly decelerating the platform; and all-season tires can seamlessly accommodate every environment, with their deep treads clinging to snow, sleet, and more.

The 2016 Versa Note S also boasts a five-speed manual transmission - affording drivers complete control over every gear. Quickly shift this system to the perfect ratio, taking advantage of its integrated OD technology to ensure maximum torque conversion.

No longer fear Washington’s twisting roadways. Instead rely on the 2016 Versa Note S with every mile. For further information contact our team today.

The peace proves temporary. As juice boxes empty and the minutes drag on, your children start to stir in the back-seat - tired of this endless downtown journey, frustrated by confined slope of a sedan. War is brewing. Soon they’ll wail against slights (both real and imagined) and it will all dissolve into a series of slaps.

Nissan suggests securing a truce with help from the 2016 Versa Note. This platform promises premium infotainment options - easily curtailing every sibling squabble.

The 2016 Versa Note delivers ample entertainment to Seattle families. Anchoring the center console is the NissanConnect system - which utilizes wireless Bluetooth links to sync with smartphones. Auxiliary audio jacks allow drivers to integrate their devices with ease, while MP3 playbacks offer access to high-definition media. A single-CD player proves ideal for every mille; an AM/FM stereo promises sterling sound; and the steering wheel-mounted audio controls enable users to quickly adjust stations and volume levels alike (quickly adapting to every child’s demand for their favorite content).

With the 2016 Versa Note, families never find themselves without quality media options - and this helps to maintain that oh-so-fragile back-seat peace.

Want to sample the Note’s infotainment features? Visit our dealership today to schedule a test-drive in one of our current models!

It’s the narrowest of spaces - a parking slot wedged between two hulking crossovers, their mirrors hanging dangerously over the faded yellow lines. You frown, unsure of how to navigate this chrome-covered maze. There seems to be no safe angle to choose.

Nissan suggests trusting its 2016 Versa Note to overcome this obstacle.

Allow the 2016 Versa to deliver relief for your parking woes. This hatchback can neatly slide into any space, providing an efficient profile that proves perfect for urban environments. The lean wheelbase - which extends a mere 102.4-inches - offers sleek fenders and slim paneling. The compact track widths (58.3-inches in the front, 58.5-inches in the rear) ensure easy maneuverability; while the low height (60.5-inches) eliminates bulky A-Pillars to increase overall visibility. Drivers can quickly identify the most effective routes and slip this platform inside.

To further improve mobility, the 2016 Versa Note boasts a curb-to-curb turning diameter of only 34.2 cu.-ft. This ensures that it can deftly respond to every downtown street, weaving between traffic and narrow lanes alike.

Want to take it for a ride? Visit our dealership today to learn more about this and other Nissan hatchbacks.